Explain It Like I’m Gaming: Self Care with Kylie!

This week on Explain it Like I’m Gaming: Self Care!

Do you ever get home after a long day of work and school, sit down on the couch and feel like you’re completely out of battery? But you don’t have enough energy to even get to the refrigerator to eat a tub of ice cream before you go to bed? It sounds like your needs bars are empty, and sometimes the only thing you can do is pass out in a pile on the floor, or sit on the couch staring into space until you can gather the energy to drag yourself to bed.

Maintaining needs is one of the most difficult parts of games. Micromanagement can be rough, especially when you want to spend all of your time out adventuring! Slaying monsters and leveling up can be the most fulfilling part of a game, but no one can slay a monster efficiently if they haven’t slept more than three hours for the entire week. How can you swing a sword or do your taxes if you’re falling asleep?

Even if you’re all caught up on sleep, it’s important to remember to take care of all your other needs too! Hygiene, Hunger, Thirst, and yes, Fun! You deserve to do nice things for yourself, even if you feel like you aren’t being productive when you aren’t grinding. Leveling up is NEVER as important as keeping your character in good health. Even the fiercest of adventurers needs to take a candlelit bath with a sparkly bath bomb every once in awhile, or binge your favorite TV show on netflix, or even eating some Bugles and ice cream! Treating yourself is an important part to every game, and essential for keeping your player character in good condition for more quests and skillbuilding. Remember, treating yourself looks different for every player. Someone who hates glitter in the crevices of their chainmail probably won’t see the appeal in a glittery bathtub, and someone who is more interested in the dating sim than the combat won’t be super interested in dropping two thousand gold on Argon’s Axe of Nightmares!

Treating yourself is all well and good, but another thing that you should remember is that sometimes, self-care doesn’t look like a brand new Flail of Nightmares to add to your arsenal, or a new suit of armour, or a candlelit bath or a new haircut. Sometimes, self-care is taking a shower. Sometimes, it’s eating your first meal of the day more substantial than a few crackers. Sometimes, it’s cleaning your room or paying your tab at the local tavern after too many nights out with your party members. Regardless, it’s important to remember that all of these are facets of taking care of your player character that matter just as much as leveling, skillbuilding, and questing.

On that note, it’s also very important to remember that sometimes, you don’t always fill all of your needs for the day. Maybe you had a lot of sleep, but you didn’t stay hydrated. Maybe you were hydrated, but you didn’t eat enough or get a chance to shower. Maybe it was a really rough day, or week, or month, or even longer, and you haven’t had a chance to fill any of your needs. That’s okay! No one can fill all their needs all of the time, and there is no shame in not having the energy to get out of bed. Sometimes adventuring can be a little too much to handle, and you aren’t the only one who feels like that. Just remember that you deserve to feel good, and you deserve to have your needs taken care of. Every little thing that you do counts, even if you only get out of bed to take a shower, or if you can only eat a slice of pizza. Every single thing you do for yourself is an achievement, and definitely something for you to be very proud of!

Every adventurer needs to make sure that while they’re kicking ass and taking names, they’re taking care of themselves too. Self-care looks different for every person, and you should never forget how important it is for you to do whatever it is that you need to keep yourself in good shape for maxing out your level and finishing the main storyline of your campaign!



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