My Problematic Fave: Spore Hero with Knight!

My Problematic Fave:

Spore Hero

Spore Hero was a 2008 spin off title released on the nintendo Wii following the popularity of the original Spore game. It’s focus was, to take the original concept of Spore, namely creating and evolving a creature to make it stronger, and put it into a plot driven universe! Now, that honestly doesn’t sound too bad, however, the game is unfortunately plagued with issues that just really add up…however, that really doesnt stop me from enjoying the game! So, i’d like to take a bit and really dive into the pros and cons of the game!


  • Some of the worst, most annoying voice acting i’ve ever heard in my life, seriously, just hearing these creatures sing is like listening to nails in a blender.
  • Speaking of singing, the song and dance mini-games are difficult due to their wonky and either over sensitive, or under sensitive controls (Depends on the moment really)
  • The interface of using the wii remote to control the character creator was a plain and simple nightmare, trying to rotate it well enough to grab at parts while your cursor flies everywhere around the screen caused so many creations to be ruined.
  • The combat, while functional, is boring and broken, it becomes far too easy to simply spam fast acting abilities and get your opponent stunlocked, or even worse, your opponent can do the same back to you!!
  • The controls for the game are floaty and unreliable, making navigating the world extremely difficult
  • The plot (?) is rather limited, mostly involving random encounters with the main villain as you make your way through one grating challenge after another.



  • The game delivers the core concept of spore in a really interesting way, when playing the original game i would generally wish for something that allowed me to focus on creating a creature and just playing with it in the creature phase.
  • The game does have a nice, fun feel to it, reminiscent of the older Spyro the dragon, or Jak and Daxter games
  • The creation minigames are rather fun and work just about as well as anything can in this game
  • Honestly, the weird, wacky characters you can make are a pro all to themselves, either watching them skitter around on too many legs, or try to lift a giant body off the ground with tiny wings, it’s just pretty fun.

At the end of the day, Spore Hero isn’t an epic action adventure game like they wanted to create, it doesn’t, in any way match or eclipse its predecessor. However, if you are looking for a simple game to just play around with, make silly characters and laugh at some bad writing, i’d definitely give this one a go! As a problematic fave, it’s a 6/10      


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