Gaming Handicaps

Welcome to Explain it Like I’m Gaming with Jacqueline. Have you ever had a gaming handicap before? Not the handicap meter in some fighting games, however something akin to “I can only use the knife,” or “I can’t spend as much ammo as normal,” something to that effect? Many of us go through our main quest with similar gaming handicaps, though it isn’t always a willing decision. When the player is creating our avatars, little accidents can affect our characters drastically, and we have to go through the game with these handicaps!

Its important to remember that not every handicap is about ammunition or what weapons we can use, but on us ourselves, as well as our backstories. Some characters, due to their backstories, can’t process information or quest data the same way as others, which can make reading or understanding the goal of a quest difficult. Some characters have trouble with dialogue, be it understanding the dialogue of others, or appropriately purveying their own. These aren’t bad characters, but they have an exceptional set of struggles that most players don’t experience during their main quest.

And sometimes, we as characters don’t have struggles with understanding, but our characters themselves aren’t as mobile. We can have physical challenges that makes combat or exploration a little difficult, or perhaps it means that certain armor or equipment can’t be used due to one of our handicaps. Some handicaps aren’t even on the character, though!

Yes, sometimes we as players have handicaps. We have trouble finding motivation, we have trouble finding the urge to make our character continue through the main quest. Sometimes we as players just want to stop playing altogether. I’ve no intention of naming these specific gaming handicaps, my friends, because we all know how they affect us regardless. No, what’s important to remember about our gaming handicaps isn’t the fact that we deal with them, but the fact that we can THRIVE with them!

For characters who have trouble walking to explore the world, they often get a mount! Sometimes a horse, or even a wheeled mount makes a world of difference, and customizing and upgrading your mount is fun, and it can invigorate you to explore more, while having a unique set of flair no one else could! For players that sometimes have trouble comprehending quests, it doesn’t keep them from exploring or making new ideas, or creating their own goals and quests! Sometimes, the best quest of life is one you make yourself!

Characters who struggle with dialogue also tend to be very skilled at the mechanics and job systems of the game! After all, who else could make that Legendary Dragon Sword of Awesome Shit like you? Hey, dialogue is hard, but that big, mechanical boss fight is going to be a piece of cake, am I right?

To the Players who often have trouble finding the motivation, or the desire to keep playing, I’d like to tell you something. Sometimes, I want to stop playing, too. Yet… what drew me in were other Players. The multiplayer of Life can be hard and cruel at times, but when you finally find that guild, that group of other players that supports you, that cares and loves you, it gets a little easier to play every day. Your guild can just be two people, it could be tens or hundreds, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that in your guild, you are loved.

This has been Jacqueline with ELIG, see you later, guys.


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