My Problematic Fave: Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon with Mod Loser!

Jacqueline’s Problematic Fave:

Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon

Jacqueline here, guys! I know that the title of this article might be shocking. However, before you crucify me, I’d like to address the very obvious negativity about this game. Yes, it is complete garbage with ridiculously bad controls, on a very expensive, near useless system, with the poorest quality cutscenes I have ever seen in a video game. Objectively, the vast majority of this game is absolute trash, just like Link: The Faces of Evil.

BUT Wand of Gamelon has one saving grace that I have always loved, and did allow me to enjoy the game much, much more than the cancer that is Faces of Evil. Obviously, you play as Zelda, but that alone would not redeem this game in any way to me. What I really enjoyed about the game, despite the atrocious cutscenes and voice acting, is the way that Zelda is characterized. This is the first game until Wind Waker that shows Zelda as something more than just a regal princess. In Wand of Gamelon, we see Zelda show multiple emotions. Happy, jealous, angry, worried, and while the voice actress may have done a poor job displaying them, Zelda herself and her writing made these obvious.

She gets angry when Link tries to extort her for affection, implied sexual affection mind you. She shows legitimate concern for her father and Impa, and while yes she has to rescue the king and Link, she is always shown in a position of power. Zelda is the one who finds the weird ass goddamn crystals. Zelda is the one who fights the monsters and does the quests. Zelda is the one that kills Ganon. The way she is portrayed in Wand of Gamelon is unique and very, very positive.

Yes, I know the writing is bad and the voice work and animation is even worse, but before this game nobody thought that Zelda would be the protagonist despite being the NAMESAKE OF THE FUCKING GAME. Eiji Aonuma once said “If Zelda were the one fighting… what would Link do?” Yet, Wand of Gamelon set up the stage that Link went to fight Ganon, being Hyrule’s greatest knight, and was defeated, and as such Zelda went off to do the job.

It was leaked that the backstory of Breath of the Wild was that Link was defeated by Ganon, which is why we awaken in the resurrection tower. This meant that in that time, Zelda and the Hylian royal family had to use their resources to try to revive/find Link, and protect Hyrule as best as they could. The FIRST TIME we’ve seen a similar concept was in fact, Wand of Gamelon. Zelda being a badass is not mutually exclusive from Link being a badass, and I pray that if we get anything out of the trash that was the CDI, it’s that bit of information.

Alright guys, this has been Jacqueline and I’m out. Have a good day.


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