Sam’s Top 5 Best and Top 5 Worst: Overwatch Ultimates! 

Sam’s Top 5 Best and Top 5 Worst: Overwatch Ultimates!


Hey guys, it’s Sam. This week’s Top 5 is hosted by yours truly, and I thought that I’d do my first one on the newest game that’s near and dear to my heart, Overwatch.


Lots of us here at NWG are huge Overwatch fans, so expect us to play and talk about it frequently. But today I’m narrowing down the discussion on Overwatch to one of the funnest (most fun? I don’t know. English is dumb!) aspects of the game, the ultimates.


The ultimates in overwatch serve a few purposes; to give the particular character something truly unique about them, to completely turn the tide of a match (and subsequently piss people off), and to make the player feel like they just did something totally awesome.


And while there are some completely awesome Overwatch Ultimates out there, there are some that are also…not so great. And that’s what the purpose of this video is today. Keep in mind, however, that this video is based off of opinion only! It’s completely okay if you disagree with me. I promise I am not slandering the good name of your waifu for my own sick kicks.


So without further ado, here’s Sam’s Top 5 Best and Top Five Worst Ults in Overwatch


#5 Worst: McCree’s Deadeye


I’m basically in love with McCree. His handsome face, his metal arm that could figuratively and literally rip my heart out, and Matthew Mercer’s sultry southern accent…but McCree just got nerfed so early on. Now his character is suffering and needs some tweaking. And I think his ultimate is the first place Blizzard should start.


McCree’s Deadeye is devastating if you’re skilled enough to get the drop on your team, but if you’re playing with veteran Overwatchers, McCree’s ultimate is incredibly mediocre.


It’s got a pretty sharp delay and casting time (not the worst, but still) which means you can quickly kill McCree while he’s popped it. I’ve seen it happen so many times. Hell, I’ve done it myself. As McCree even. Deadeye is also easily blockable and dodgeable, so going out and using it in the open makes you a sitting duck, and if you pop it in a place with lots of rooms, it’s a waste. The thing doesn’t even do headshot damage. How stupid is that? Isn’t McCree a headshot character?  


The upside is that the bullets in your clip don’t matter. You could have one and you’ll still fire on everyone who is in range. You can also kill more than 6 people apparently, though that’s never going to happen so I don’t know why it’s even possible? I guess McCree makes magic bullets?


I think a good solution might to make McCree invincible during his ultimate. That way you can at least scare enough people to run and hide so that your team can move in and save the match. Until something happens, there’s just too much stacked up against McCree’s ultimate to make it really impactful.


#5 Best: Mercy’s Resurrect


Mercy is so great and my love for her is so strong that I cannot put it into words. She’s fun to play, but be prepared to feel under appreciated when you literally resurrect everyone on your team twice, stack up thousands of recovered hp and still only net 2 end card votes. A labor of love.


But what makes Mercy so satisfying is her ultimate, Resurrect. True to it’s name, if you’ve just heard Reaper shout “Die! Die! Die!” and Mercy Angel Stepped from the blast, in the blink of an eye you’re team is back up and ready for revenge.


Mercy’s range on the ultimate, 15 meters, is not as great as it could be. But the fact is that she’s got the only ultimate where there is a chance to come back from certain death. It only takes one second to cast it, and if you’re fast on your fingers, you’ve just saved the match.


Now, of course, the negative parts of it. The range means if some of your team died closer to enemy spawn while the rest died by the objective/payload, there’s not much you can do. It’s very rare Mercy will resurrect more than one person. She’s also incredibly vulnerable right when she pops it. If you fly in and resurrect two or three people, you’re going to die right afterward. Hopefully you didn’t waste it!


But the fact that Mercy is the only character in the game that can resurrect means this ultimate has to be on this list, even if you don’t necessarily agree on it’s placing. I might end up placing this ultimate higher on the list when it finally gets its buff, but for now Mercy’s ult will settle here.


#4 Worst: Tracer’s Pulse Bomb


You’re already angry, I can tell. But listen. Just listen for a second. Think about Tracer’s ultimate. Can you honestly say it’s as good as you think it is?


Tracer’s Pulse Bomb is not as useful as some people think it is. And if you don’t believe me, look at the stats of it.


It’s true that it can arch and be thrown. That’s awesome. 400 points of damage is decent. But a 1 meter radius? That’s just…sad. It might be better if it could headshot, but it can’t. Compared to the other explosive ultimates, Tracer’s just doesn’t compare.


The scope of it is so weak that people just learning Tracer will maybe get one kill from it? Not to mention that in too close of a range, Tracer’s ultimate kills her, but other explosive ults, like D.Va’s, doesn’t (Oh, don’t worry, we’re gonna talk about you D.Va)? You’ve got to be fast as Tracer or you won’t be able to make the best use of it.


The right Tracer will be able to use this ultimate as it should be used. I’ve seen it done myself. I’ve been killed by it once or twice. But it just doesn’t have the impact that the other explosive ults do, and until it does it stays in the #4 Worst slot until something about it changes.


#4 Best: Mei’s Blizzard


There’s nothing that’ll make you want to rage quit more than a good Mei. Except, yes there is.


Mei’s ultimate gets the #4 Best spot due to the fact that in the right hands, with the right team, this ultimate can ruin or save your game.


Mei’s Blizzard is a drone that blows out pure ice that’ll leave anyone caught in the blast frozen in place. Mei’s ultimate is a secret gem because, on paper, it’s kind of bland. 10 meter radius, 5 second duration, only 97 points of damage. So why, why why why, is this ultimate so freakin’ ANNOYING?


I’ll tell you why. Because every other member of your team can abuse it. Team Mei up with Reaper, Genji, D.Va, Junkrat, Roadhog, anyone who can do lots of damage. Have Mei pop her ult while everyone’s gathered by the objective. Then boom. Sitting ducks.


Not only that but if you’re Mei is a great sharp shooter, she can kill most everyone caught in the radius herself with enough head shots.


Despite it being a good trap, Mei’s ult is pretty easy to get away from. It doesn’t immediately trap you, and most character’s are mobile enough to move out of the way before it starts to freeze you. But if you’re not fast enough, you’re dead. Play smart, and you’ll know exactly when to use it.


#3 Worst: Torbjorn’s Molten Core


Torbjorn is a cute little Santa Claus who loves to give you armor and whose turrets can absolutely melt your face off if you don’t realize he’s set one up. I think Torbjorn is a great character, but I also happen to think his ult Molten Core is really, really terrible.


The main thing that Molten Core does it make it harder for Torbjorn to be killed. It gives him plus 300 armor, which means that killing him while he’s in his Molten Core form is not an easy task. The duration is 12 seconds, and that’s not too shabby.


The inherent problem is that Torbjorn’s ult isn’t really useful outside of that. If you already have a turret in place, it does get upgraded, but outside of a stationary location, it’s not that difficult to destroy Torb’s turrets. Especially if you can sneak up on the turret or if Torbjorn moves away from it. Have a good Pharah, a good Reaper or a good Tracer on your team, and Torbjorn just can’t keep up the pace despite the fact he can build turrets faster.


This ult would be way more useful if it did more for the turret instead of just Torbjorn.


#3 Best: Lucio’s Sound Barrier


Lucio himself as a character is super fun and satisfying to play; there’s nothing quite like getting a kill from a pushoff. But what’s the most satisfying about Lucio is the fact that his ultimate will never not be worth it. What’s that? It’s High Noon? Welp, time to pop the frog!


Lucio’s ult Sound Barrier gives a 500 point barrier to the hp of all characters in range, and the range on Lucio’s ultimate is a huge 30 meters. It’s hard to miss it if you’re smart and group up when he starts using it. Here’s looking at you Widowmaker.


But I feel like the best part of Lucio’s ultimate is the fact that Sound Barrier lasts for 6 seconds. And that might not seem like a long time, but in the midsts of firing shots in Overwatch, 6 seconds can either save you or devastate you. That is more than enough time to salvage a payload that just couldn’t make it past the first checkpoint.


The downside to Lucio’s ult is that if there are too many players unwilling to stand by him or the player doesn’t communicate when to group up and when his ult is ready, you can waste it. You could go the whole match without even using it because you want to get the best effect out of it but everyone’s too busy running around willy nilly.


But if you’ve got a team whose willing to work with you and you know how to play Lucio, you’re one of the best assets to the team. Move to the music!


#2 Worst: Winston


Coming here in second place of the worst ults is Winston. Poor, poor Winston. In experienced hands I’m sure Winston is a frightening beast, but if you’re still new to the game and you’re wanting to get some tanking experience, my opinion is to try Reinhardt or D.Va. Winston is a bit too technical to serve a good purpose without training.


Regardless, his ultimate Primal Rage is certainly one of the least impactful ults in the game. The most it really does for Winston is give him plus 500 to health and to his maximum health. So the best it does it make him a better tank. The ultimate is supposed to strengthen his melee attack at 40 damage per swing, but the problem is that Winston’s ultimate is incredibly easy to avoid with most any character.


Sombra can go invisible and run away, Reaper can use his wraith form and run away, D.Va can jet boost and run away, Genji and Hanzo can climb higher than Winston can jump usually, Pharah can just stay in the air, even Soldier 76’s sprint can dodge Winston’s Primal Rage. I could keep going on and on with how characters can easily just leave Winston to tantrum on his own.


As I said previously, the only upside is that Winston is really, really hard to kill while in Primal Rage. It’s got a 10  second duration, so Lucio’s Sound Barrier is only somewhat helpful. So if the Winston pops his ult and gets the drop on you, then you might be in a bit of trouble. At least if you’re a squishy support and/or cannot flee.


#2 Best: D.Va’s Self-Destruct


Coming in at second place best is sweet little gamer gremlin D.Va. D.Va is definitely an acquired taste when it comes to whether or not you find her fun to play, and I fall into the category where I enjoy playing her because she fits to my play style…and her ultimate is kinda broken?


The potential damage that Self-Destruct can do is capped out at exactly 1000. It’s not the highest potential damage in the game, but it’s got the highest damage of the explosion type ultimates. D.Va’s ult laughs at Junkrat’s Rip Tire, Tracer’s Pulse Bomb and Reinhardt’s Hammer Down. Couple this with the fact that the detonation rate is 3 seconds and with a distance of 20 meters, and you’ve got bomb that’s undodgeable in an open area. There’s a reason why they made it so D.Va doesn’t get killed by it anymore (RIP Tracer). She cannot get away in time!


The only downside to D.Va’s ultimate is that about half the characters can easily dodge it. Reaper can pop his wraith form, Mei’s ice form can block it, Sombra can turn invisible and run, you get the idea. And if you’re fast enough to find cover because D.Va popped it in a place with lots of doors, you won’t get hurt too badly either.


In the hands of a skilled D.Va, you’ll be smart enough to drop it down from above while everyone is looking around to try and get behind cover. Even if you don’t kill anyone with it, the fact that everyone must run away from it or die buys enough time for a team pushing a payload to reach a checkpoint. Or it can buy enough time for a team to swarm an objective and capture it.


#1 Worst: Widowmaker’s Infra-Sight.


Let’s be honest: was this really a shocker? Widowmaker’s character is so niche that she takes the most skill to play effectively, which is why a lot of people end up groaning if they get her in Mystery Heroes. And to top it all off, her ult is not only the most boring, but also one of the most useless.


On paper, it seems pretty cool. The duration is lengthy at 15.5 seconds. The area of effect is, well, the entire map. So it helps you see where people are. That’s cool. But that’s it. That’s all it does.


It’s only really useful to the team if you’re winning the match. If the other team is gathered up by the payload or on the objective, you don’t really need to know where they are. You can see them! And they’re killing you! It would be way more useful at the beginning of the match, but of course that can’t happen. Basically, if you’re attacking, Widow’s ult is just not going to help the team much. And if the match starts going south on defend, it’s rendered useless there too.


What makes it an even sorrier ult is that Hanzo has a skill that is incredibly similar to Widow’s ult, just in a smaller range. Here’s the funny part: the range doesn’t really matter because the cool-down of Hanzo’s skill is 20 seconds, so he’ll be able to spam that move more than Widow could spam her ult!


I really implore Blizzard to consider reworking Widow’s ult. Perhaps a buff to her character, or maybe let her be able to power up someone else. Just something. Because right now there’s really no reason to play Widowmaker without some serious, in-depth practicing.


#1 Best: Zarya’s Graviton Surge


Me personally? I’m not a good Zarya. Hell, I’m not a good tank, really. If I’m tanking, I stick to D.Va. She’s the only one that I can play.


But despite the fact that I’m not a good Zarya, it doesn’t really matter if you’re good as Zarya or not. Because her ultimate is arguably the best in the game.


It might not seem like that’s the truth at first, but let’s take a closer look. Zarya’s ultimate is a trap. And it’s the best trap move in the game. Sorry Junkrat. It’s not got a large range (9 meters), and the duration actually fairly short (4 seconds). But if Zarya’s ultimate was increased in size and length, it would be one thousand times more busted.


What really makes Zarya’s ultimate so good is this: versatility. When is Zarya’s ultimate not useful? Pushing the payload? Useful. Capturing objective? Useful. Managed to get it in 3v3? Useful. Capture the Rooster? Hell yeah it was useful. Playing no limits with a team of Symmetra’s? Play all Pharahs…and one Zarya because of her ultimate.


Graviton Surge is the perfect companion to almost every other attack ultimate in the game. Paired with attack ults like Self-Destruct, Whole Hog and Barrage, you’ve got yourself a team wipe. Paired with other ults, you’ve got some time to regroup and try to win the match.


And I know what you’re saying to yourself. But Mei’s ult has a longer duration! It does more damage! It’s better than Zarya’s. Except it’s not. And I’ll tell you why.


Mei’s ult has casting time. 1.5 seconds of casting time actually. And it doesn’t immediately freeze you. As soon as Zarya’s ult hits the ground, you’re trapped. Certain characters can dodge, block or even destroy the move, but a good enough Zarya will know the perfect time to place it, and you’d be surprised how many players don’t see it coming.


All in all, Zarya’s ultimate I believe is the best because Overwatch itself is a team game. The primary focus is to work together, and Zarya’s ult is so adaptable that it compliments every type of team composition incredibly well. Seeing her pop up somewhere means that you’ve already got a good strategy in place, and if Graviton Surge doesn’t encourage teamwork, I don’t know what will.


That’s all for this week’s Top 5 Best and Worst! I hope you enjoyed reading my rant about Overwatch ultimates. If not, well, maybe you’ll enjoy someone rant about something else next week. Let’s bond over the fact that Overwatch is great, mmkay? Have fun, and I hope you get Play of The Game! You already have in my heart, McCree.



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