Indie Invasion: Elliot Quest

Hey! Mod Knight here! In the spirit of our Zelda week, I’d like to introduce you guys to a really nice indie game which feels strongly inspired by the Zelda series, specifically the second game, with it’s top down map which alternates to side scrolling levels! It was released in 2014 by Ansimuz Games originally for PC, but it’s spread to other consoles since then.

The game follows Elliot, a man who’s been cursed with immortality and must travel the land to discover the source, and possibly, the cure for his curse. The style of the game is very fun, and reminiscent of many older games. There’s a rather open map that allows you to travel between the different areas of the game, unearthing secrets and treasures, as well as enemies, along the way. The game also includes a morality system, based around the player’s actions when dealing with the NPC characters in the game, that helps determine which of the game’s multiple endings you will see.

The gameplay definitely feels like a hybrid of Zelda and Metroid with most of the game’s progression relating to gathering new items which allow you to unlock new paths. At the start of the game, Elliot is armed only with a bow and a (THANKFULLY limitless) supply of arrows. As you fight your way through the levels, you’ll discover not only new equipment that will help you grow stronger and take on tougher foes, but also the game includes a level up feature, which allows you to increase various attributes, such as arrow damage, firing distance, critical hit rate, and more!

One thing that is to be noted is that the game is not an easy one, it harkens back to the old philosophy of making a game feel like a real challenge, and it definitely helps boost the playtime you’ll get from it!

The game’s art direction is also visually stunning, though the designers chose to use a limited number of pixels for the game, they made excellent use of each and every one! In conjunction with the music and sound design, the world of the game feels alive and moving, it really draws you in and makes you feel a part of the environment.

SO, what do I think of the game? It’s excellent, despite it’s high, sometimes frustrating difficulty; the game is really worth checking out!

I’d rank it: 9.5/10



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