The Boss Fight: Mental Illness

Hello, Mod Syrup here! I’m the newest edition to NWG and you saw my sort of debut along with the video editing I brought to the team last week with our LoZ Week! But let’s save the rest of me for my Meet the Cast and move on to my first article, Explain it Like I’m Gaming!

You know that feeling when you grab a new game and you just go ham and play it almost anytime your eyes are open. You’re excited, you’re experiencing new things and you’re just taking it battle after battle. You feel on top of the world and nothing can stop you. You have great party members, awesome items, and you’ve beat every boss you’ve encountered in the first go around.

Then it hits. You encounter a boss that kills you within a few turns. That’s a shock. But of course you shake it off; you know that the game was bound to get harder as you progressed. So at the Game Over screen, you click yes and try again.

Only to die again.

Now your confidence is down so you decide maybe you just need to farm some. So before encountering the boss again, you go a fight some mobs and level up a few times. After a few levels you think, I’m bound to win this time so you go back to the boss.

You last a bit longer this time, but once again Game Over.

So you brush it off and decide maybe you need some different items. You go back to farming a save up your gold to stock up on potions and resurrections. You feel ready, because how could you lose with all these chances to heal?

The boss ends up getting two turns in a row and you don’t have a chance to heal before all your party members are dead. Go figure, right?

Maybe you just need to talk to someone who has beat the game to help with the boss. So you talk to some of your fellow gamers about it only for some of them to tell you they found that boss was really easy so you must be doing something wrong.

Back to the game you go, switching up the party members to see if a better combination of fighters will help defeat the boss.

You go through the combinations and still time after time again you see that Game Over screen. Frustrated you what to just put the game down. All you want is to progress through the story, yet this one boss is keeping you from it.

So you look up a walkthrough and read it over for exactly what you need to do to beat the boss. You set up the party members with the weapons the book tells you and make sure everyone has the items suggested. You feel buffed up and you go to battle the boss again.

You’re doing well, you got the boss down to half health and you feel like you’ll finally beat them this time and will be able to continue the story.

Game Over

What? You used the walkthrough. You should’ve been able to beat it! Maybe the others were right. Maybe it is something you’re doing wrong. You stare at the “Try again?” screen as the number is counting down. You let out a sigh of frustration as you go to turn off your console. As the countdown continues…




You click yes. You reason with yourself that 100th times the charm right? (Even though you honestly lost count of how many times you’ve played this boss). You prep your characters again with how the walkthrough said. You get double the amount of items suggested and even level up a bit. You let out a long breath before you initiate the encounter.

Half health. You made it to as far as you had gotten before.

Your heart rate increases as you try to continue playing despite something telling you you’re just gonna fail again.

And then

You win.


Mental illness can be a lot like a hard battle against a boss. I personally have depression.

You could start off feeling great and you defeat the challenges thrown at you. But then one day, you can’t seem to crawl out of your hole.

You turn to your outlets, you farm, to try and get your mood up, but once again that situation or just life brings you down.

You turn to your friends, your fellow gamers who have gone through a similar trial, but for them it was easy and they don’t understand why you couldn’t beat it.

You gather items, counseling or medication, but it’s still only helped a little.

You read books that talk about battling your mental illness but it still doesn’t seem to help.

But you get up. You try again. Sometimes it’s frustrating, sometimes it seems easier to just let it be “Game Over”. I hope you and I will always “Try Again”.

This has been Mod Syrup, aka Sarah. Always try again.


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