Indie Invasion: Hunie Cam Studio with Mod Aria!

Sam here for this week’s Indie Invasion! Today I’m going to talk about a really addictive game called Hunie Cam Studio by indie developer HuniePot!

You may have heard of the really popular 18+ game Hunie Pop? This game is a spin off of that game, but instead of a dating sim, it’s a fun farming game. In the game you play as an anonymous manager who runs a business…that shows off naked hotties for pleasure.
This game is really raunchy, so it’s definitely not for the faint of heart. But if you like the shenanigans in Hunie Pop, you’ll get a good laugh out of this game.

The majority of the characters are the dateable girls from Hunie Pop, and your guide and assistant is the same fairy that helps you in the beginning as well. So there’s quite a familiar aura about the game. They did add some new girls in the game not featured in Hunie Pop, and it’s certainly fun to collect your favorites as well as interact with new faces. You are only allowed to have a set number of girls at a time, though. The fact that there are so many combinations of girls to chose from gives the game a lot of replay value.

The main focus is assigning tasks to the girls, whether it be training them to be better cam girls, showing off their skin on camera, or even having them be escorts. All for the purpose of getting money to unlock abilities and skills to help you make money faster. Money is what helps you do everything in this game, as you have to use it to keep your girls appeased; some of them need cigarettes and alcohol to keep going. You could say that picking girls who require a lot of maintenance is akin to hard mode.

This game is a bit sexist, of course, as you basically run your own soft core porn farm. It might have made it less awkward if there were guys involved, but it’s a girls only game. But if you can push past that, this game is incredibly addicting. You’ll find yourself obsessed with the fast paced gameplay; you’re constantly moving to try and manage your money, your girls and your time.

Some really fun aspects of the game are appealing to fetishes both strange and common, as well as the fact the achievements in the game for your hard work are all shaped like penises.

All in all, it’s a really fun experience and if you like fanservice-y pictures and Hunie Pop, you’ll enjoy most of this game. If you’re not into the kind of Farmville style this game takes though, I’d consider just watching a Let’s Play of the game.

That’s all for this Indie Invasion! See you guys again soon.


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