Top 5 Best And Worst: Game Companions with Mod Knight!

Generally in games, when the going gets tough, there’s nothing like having someone on your side! Of course, some companions are much better than others, while some…well, fall a little flat, so, lets dive in to my picks for the best, and worst video game companions.

#5 BEST: Rush (Megaman Series)

Y’know what’s great? Dogs, dogs are great, know what else is great? Robots! So what happens when you put em together? You get Megaman’s faithful companion. The robotic dog Rush is a mainstay of the Megaman series, with his shapeshifting capabilites, he’s able to help the player through tons of difficult challenges, even making normally rage inducing puzzles easy! What a good dog.

#5 Worst: Lydia (Skyrim)

When it comes to a fight, it’s nice to have someone on your side, having your back. Unfortunately, with most of the followers in Skyrim they end up simply getting in the way of things, either hitting you with errant swings of the sword, getting caught in your attacks, or having to constantly be saved. I decided to choose Lydia as the worst among them for several reasons, her surly, sarcastic attitude toward the player, she always complains about carrying your stuff. Then, as followers go, she’s the most average and honestly, the least interesting, she’s simply foisted on you without any backstory or history. And finally, the difficulty in getting rid of her, most other followers will simply return to their own lives  after being dismissed. Lydia goes and creeps at your house, ultimately the only way to be rid of her is for her to die…

#4 BEST: Epona (The Legend of Zelda series)

It’s always fun to get a horse in games, especially when they actually help in gameplay, and no horse is more iconic than Epona, with her stark white mane and gorgeous brown coat, not only is she beautiful, but her loyalty has touched games for years, no matter how far apart you are from each other, just play her iconic theme, and she’ll be on here way.

#4 WORST: Navi (Ocarina of Time)

When creating a silent protagonist, sometimes the creators decide that they need someone who can do the talking for them, i feel like that was part of the thought process when Nintendo created Navi. You all know the countless “HEY LISTEN” jokes, so i don’t feel they bear repeating, and honestly, it’s only a part of the reason she’s on this list, honestly, she’s here because she adds so little to the game. Z-Targeting would still function without a fairy, and honestly when removing a character from a game changes so little about it, you know it’s a problem.

#3 BEST: Garrus Vakarian (Mass Effect Series)

The only non-animal companion on the good side of this list, Garrus is a delight, he’s a skillful combatant with useful traits and can generally hold his own in combat, not only keeping himself but the player alive in a hard fight. That being said, his real charm comes from his personality, his witty, wry sense of humor that plays well with his serious demeanor, not to mention that he’s an absolute dream to romance, i wouldn’t mind letting him calibrate my engines~

#3 WORST: Slippy (Star Fox Series)

On the other hand, we have another alien mechanic who is utterly useless in a fight. Slippy Toad’s role in most Star Fox games is really just that of a damsel in distress, he’ll generally need saving at least 2-3 times per level, just keeping him alive is a feat in itself, preventing him from messing up your run through the level is another entirely. His voice isn’t much better either, being loud and obnoxiously whiny, he’s earned his bad rep.

#2 BEST: Trico (The Last Guardian)

We’ve already established that dogs are great, so how about a dog/cat/bird/antelope critter? Just as awesome!!! Especially when it’s more than four times your size and you can ride it! The entire game actually revolves around building your friendship with this big beasty, and boy is he endearing, with big soulful eyes and just the slightest hint of stubbornness, but he’ll always come through for you if you know how to motivate him!

#2 WORST: Tails (Sonic the Hedgehog 2)

I cant speak for the other games in the series, but in his first appearance, Miles “Tails” Prower fails to impress, though, i suppose it’s not his fault, after all, it must be pretty hard keeping up with Sonic, unfortunately, that means that you’ll see less of the little fox than the developers intended, Tails moves too slowly to keep up with you, which is especially annoying if you’re playing multiplayer, in which it’s a constant battle for Player 2 to even stay on screen!

#1 BEST: Yoshi (Mario Series)

One of the original companions in gaming history, Yoshi is definitely among the most iconic sidekicks, appearing in many main Mario titles and almost all spin-off games. From their first appearance in Super Mario World, Yoshi has been adored by fans for their charm, adorable looks and absolute helpfulness! Not only that, but they’ve also starred in their own spinoff series!

#1 WORST: Dog (Duck Hunt)

Now, i know i’ve been praising dogs this whole list, but, every rule has an exception… Another classic character, the Duck Hunt Dog, as he’s often known, is one of the least helpful partners in videogaming, not only is he just sitting there while you do all the work, when you miss, he’ll mock you, pointing and laughing at your failure (and considering the difficulty of the game, it’ll probably be often..) Ever since his inception into the gaming world, he’s been one of the characters that everyone loves to hate.


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