Explain It Like I’m Gaming: Character Design & Identity

Hey guys! Mod Syrup here with another Explain It Like I’m Gaming! Rather than waste time on the intro, how about we just dive right on in!

Have you ever borrowed a game from a friend, or were playing a game at a friend’s house, and they said you can play their file but just don’t mess with anything and/or save over it?
Yeah it feels great to have a buffed up character as you fight along the different mobs or bosses, but I’m sure it won’t be long before you start noticing some designs in you friends character that you could’ve lived without.

First thing you’ll probably notice would be their choice of class. Maybe they picked warrior and at first it’s fun to try and hack and slash but you soon realize you’re REALLY missing magic and the mage style of fighting.

Okay, you can get past that, but then you start noticing that this game had moral choices in which you took the character to interact with the NPCs; and your friend definitely DID NOT go to the route you would’ve taken.

By this time, you’re starting to get picky and aggravated with everything; down to the physical design of the character. Why’d they make the eyes that color? The nose that big? God, they did everything NOT how you would’ve done it.
Finally, you say thanks no thanks to your friend and instead go and buy a copy of the game yourself.

You get to that beginning title screen and then to the character design and smile. You take hours to make the character the gender, race, and everything down to the eye color and nose size that you had wanted. You give the character the perfect name, pick that mage class, and as you finally start up the game you feel at peace.

Living in this world, a lot of people are pressured with society’s norms. From the moment you’re born and are stamped with the gender and race that the world saw you as, you are expect to act a certain way, dress a certain way, and to be frank just be a certain way.
When you start not living up to that cardboard cut out, it can be frustrating as you try and play a character you’re just not.

You try and deal with simple mechanics but you know this character that has been handed to you is not who you are.

So when you finally get the courage to step out of that box that everyone put you in based on what was expected of you and you start being yourself; then and only then will you feel


Whether it’s gender identity, sexual identity, romantic identity, or anything that doesn’t round out to whom society labels you to be, I hope we all can have each other’s back to support the decision to BE WHO YOU ARE. Society or even family and friends may try to hold you back, but nothing and I mean NOTHING should hold you back from feeling comfortable in your own skin.

This has been Mod Syrup with another Explain It Like I’m Gaming and I hope we all feel comfortable in our own skins and accept our freedom to be who we are!


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