Explain it Like I’m Gaming: Activism with Mod Loser!

Welcome to Explain it like I’m Gaming with Mod Loser!

Today, we’ll be discussing Activism. Sometimes, especially when your specific guild is suffering from poor decisions made by the Game Devs, you have to organize your thoughts and opinions so you can discuss it.

But then, what if the Mods and the Developers won’t listen to you? What if they don’t think your complaints or your problems are valid, and what happens then? This is possible, and in most games, we can simply stop playing; however, in life, there’s no option to simply stop playing our game.

What many guilds and groups of players do involves simple reporting to local moderators and calling customer support, but this doesn’t always work. Often times, players have to get serious and go to official forums to place their sincere complaints, be it about the game itself, or reporting other players that have been intentionally griefing or harassing us. But what if it gets worse, and the mods do nothing?

Then you go past just forum posts and reports. You start creating dedicated forums and reviews, calling every customer support character you can and even sending personal letters to major members of the company. Not every company will treat you seriously. Not every company cares. You will have to stand up for your rights, for what you deserve.

Remember to resist.

This has been Mod Loser, signing off.


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