Feminism in Gaming: The Legend of Zelda Pitch with Mod Ace!

The Legend of Zelda: The Pitch

The game begins. Princess Zelda anxiously awaits the arrival of her childhood friend Link. He’s going to meet her at the castle as they prepare for one of the many festivals held in her kingdom to praise Link’s recent defeat of Ganon. They are moving the Master Sword to a new place of storage, deep beneath the kingdom and out of any other evil-doers hands.

Another prophecy of Link saving the land of Hyrule fulfilled. Just as they are sealing the blade away someone appears abruptly. A mysterious female stands there, Triforce of Power in hand. Link tries to make it to the sword in time but he is too slow. She takes the Master Sword into her grasp and examines it.

“Hmmm so this is what defeated Ganon? A pity really. I expected more of him.” When she sees Link, she laughs. “And this is our hero? Some child playing in hand me down robes?”

He pulls his own sword on her. “Oh please. Don’t be as childish as you look.”

In what seems like an instant it all happens. The sword runs through Link. She leaves him lying on the ground clutching his side.

“That should take care of you until I’m done.” She takes his Triforce of Courage and turns to Zelda. “Now, for yours.” She approaches and Zelda stays frozen, unable to think of what to do.

The woman hits Zelda with the hilt of the Master Sword. As the blackness closes in she sees her take the Triforce of Wisdom. “Not so wise now, are you Princess? Or should I say… Former Princess. I wish to switch places with Princess Zelda.”

The woman’s hair turns blonde and long and she puts the crown on her head as she smirks. The Triforce splits itself leaving the woman with only the Triforce of Power again. “That’s a shame. Oh well. A crippled hero and a dethroned princess unable to do anything about it… And the Master Sword…” She runs her hands over it, some kind of runes scrolling across it before shattering it against the ground. “In pieces. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of Hyrule for you. Sleep well, peasant.” And the world goes black.

Zelda wakes up again in an unfamiliar place. When she moves to the mirror she has a swollen bruise on her forehead but more importantly her long blonde hair is now a short and wavy dark brow. She has a scar running through her eye that she doesn’t remember ever having. Suddenly she knows. She is the woman who stole the Master Sword. The one who hurt Link and puts all of Hyrule at risk.

An older woman approaches her. She has a tight blue-fitted outfit with her face covered and a red eye stares back at her from her costume. “We found you passed out where that foul woman left you. She thought you to die but I could tell from your spirit that you were the true Princess.”

You tell her what has happened and she frowns. “A troubling situation indeed. You’re right that without Link the prophecy can’t come true… but there are other pieces to it…” She takes a scroll and rolls it out in front of her.

“It is true that in many of the prophecies it is shown that Link is the protector to defeat Ganon and save Hyrule… but many of these have been altered.” The scroll shows a familiar female figure wielding a sword against Ganon. “It was supposed to be you as the hero, Princess. But many thought that it was unfit for their Princess to fight. They you were too important to the politics of Hyrule. So they changed Link from the companion to the hero… but now things will be as they should.” She rolls the scroll up and hands it to Zelda.

“You will have to find out who this woman is, a new and stronger Master Sword, a way to save Link, and the remaining two pieces of Triforce. But first you will have to learn how to fight. Pick up your sword and face your true destiny.”

She picks up the sword and takes a stance that feels strangely familiar. She takes the first step.

The game then takes you on a journey of discovering this powerful sorceress’s identity, gathering ingredients for a new sword, finding a smith worthy of such a blade, and sailing to new lands to escape the warrant on your head for injuring Link. All of this as the false Princess Zelda raises an army to take control over neighboring kingdoms and launch a full-fledged war the likes the nation has never seen before.

But tell me very seriously, how easy would it be to make a game with this premise, Ace Cadets?

Really, you’re cool with the game pitch but not the nickname? C’mon its cute!! We can make it work! Just like a Zelda game actually about Zelda.


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