NWG Reviews: Sir You Are Being Hunted with Mod Knight!

These chilling words are the ones that send you on your frantic scavenger hunt, wandering, exploring this strange island that you’ve suddenly found yourself on, scrounging for supplies as you search for the pieces of your broken machine, the very thing that brought you to this accursed place, and the only thing that will take you home…

Unfortunately, you are not alone.

Strange metal men seem to hound your every step, armed with rifles and searchlights, they come. With every step, you know they’re approaching and you feel your paranoia rising…

Sir You are Being Hunted is a rogue-like stealth survival game developed by Big Robot in 2013. It follows an unnamed sir or madam as they attempt to gather the pieces of their teleportation machine across a large, procedurally generated island, guided only by the voice of their Butler. The player must use stealth and cunning to evade, distract, and dispatch the robot hunters who pursue them, using a variety of gadgets, weapons and other various items.

The gameplay is very fun for those who enjoy stealth based games. Sadly, it’s rather difficult to play the game any other way as the robots are much stronger than the player and good weapons are hard to come by. Not to mention that as the player is spotted more and more, the difficulty rises. Even to the point that the robots begin using search balloons and (Robotic) Dogs.

Therefore, an aggressive playstyle goes quite unrewarded. The game, while not really horror (in fact on the surface it’s rather silly) still manages to be tense and sometimes scary, knowing that death may be around any corner.

Graphically the game is pretty. It has a nicely open world, which changes with every playthrough, and looks as good as a dystopian industrial victorian desert island should~ The robots themselves are rather basic, with a low poly look and feel to them.

Overall, it is a very fun game and those who enjoy a stealthy experience, along with about 20 deaths before completing your goal…..would surely get hours of entertainment from it.




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