Top 5 Best & Worst: Legend of Zelda Female Side Characters!

Hey Nasties! It’s Mod Syrup back with her first Top 5! This segment we talk about our Top 5 Best and Worst ______ from a video game! I’m still riding off the Breath of the Wild hype (which I haven’t gotten to play as much as I would like u.u) but hype nonetheless!


AND SO! My Top 5 is…


Top 5 Best and Worst Legend of Zelda Female Side Characters!


Now basically I’m going to include any character that isn’t Link, Zelda, or Ganon as a side character! This also will include guide characters even if they made a major impact in the game. NOW LET’S GET DOWN TO BUSINESS~~~ (to defeat, the huns~~~)


Top 5 WORST Legend of Zelda Female Side Characters



  • Number 5: Lana


Now Lana came REALLY close to making my Best Top 5! She is a character that made her debut in Hyrule Warriors. I love her design and character style. She’s an amazing sorceress and has a pretty deep backstory for (spoiler alert) having to fight a part of herself that SPLIT because of true envy!

Buuuuuut she’s on the Worst Top 5 for a reason. And that reason is:

Her unnecessarily falling in love with Link. In the story, you find out that Lana/Cia had deeply fallen for our Hero of Time, but she had never met him. She more so had an obsession rather than actual love. But either way, because of her love for Link, that lead to her jealousy for Zelda, made the whole story. The jealousy made her weak and Ganon tempted her to the Triforce of Power to get set free.

Lana was an amazing character, but ONCE AGAIN, developers made a female character UNNECESSARILY fall for Link just because he was the protagonist.



  • Number 4: Malon


Now don’t get me wrong. I love Malon; she’s a cute design and appears both in Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask. In both she has a semi-backstory and a family, her dad. She also ends up taking over the ranch in Ocarina of Time and gives Link the famous horse, Epona.


That’s all Malon is there for. (And I guess for people to make fan art?) She has a beautiful design, but she trusts Link for no reasons (given she was a kid when she originally met him) and her only purpose of the game was to give Link Epona. If she had part to the game, her place could have been affected.



  • Number 3: Anju


Anju is another character that appears in both Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask. She doesn’t have much story (or even a name) in Ocarina, but in Majora’s Mask she has a personality and is part of a side quest Link must do to obtain one of the various masks.

Why I put her on this list and at a higher tier than Malon (since they are in similar situations) is because Anju is in an extreme depression during Majora’s Mask and it seems to hinder the inn some.

Given, she does have a reason because (spoiler alert) her fiance suddenly disappeared soonish(?) before their wedding.

NOW I can openly admit that I’m probably a bit biased since I’m aromantic and things like this don’t necessarily make sense to me; but I’m also annoyed because developers tend to keep putting females in this role of being moppy if their significant other (mainly a male) is no longer there/leaves them/etc.

I’m TIRED of seeing females so dependent on men and Anju kind of embodies this for me. (It’s a pretty adorable side quest nonetheless so still do the side quest).



  • Number 2: Princess Ruto



Okay, as a kid I remember liking Princess Ruto quite a bit. The Ocarina of Time/Majora’s Mask Zoras are LITERALLY my favorite depiction of Zoras and also the first ones I was exposed to. Seeing a female as a main character within that race was pretty amazing and I found her beautiful. ESPECIALLY in the Hyrule Warriors version with them updated graphics.


Once again we have yet ANOTHER female in the Legend of Zelda franchise that is a damsel in distress and SOMEHOW FALLS IN LOVE WITH LINK!

Given, at least unlike with Lana, Princess Ruto was saved by Link and met him, but other than that SHE DIDN’T KNOW HIM!

AND in Majora’s Mask, Link is (spoiler alert) disguised as a now DEAD ZORA.


My memory of her as a kid is amazing and clouded with nostalgia

But looking back on it now, and even how she was depicted in Hyrule Warriors, she has too many characteristics similar to Classic Disney Princesses (Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty) who are basically 50s housewives.



  • Number 1: Agitha


Now, I have learned that Agitha’s original debut was in Twilight Princess and apparently I didn’t get far enough to reach her. (And frankly she must not have been a very impactful character if I haven’t heard of her by now)

So my first experience of her was in Hyrule Warriors.

In Hyrule Warriors (spoiler alert?) you see her running from some monsters and chasing a butterfly I guess?

She doesn’t even fight in Hyrule Warriors and you have to protect her the ENTIRE time. Like literally, they finally made Zelda kickass only to make one of the characters not even have magic?

Her character just seemed annoying. Like the developers may have tried to make a kawaii girl but honestly they failed. She was a flat character, not impactful, and didn’t even fight in a FIGHTING HACK AND SLASH GAME.

Just got tend to your fucking butterflies Agitha.


OKAY now for my favorite part!


Top 5 BEST Legend of Zelda Female Side Characters



  • Number 5: Ilia


I feel that Ilia was a character you either love or you hated. Now, she’s the lowest on my Best Top 5 because she is slightly a repeat of Saria from Ocarina of Time where she is Link’s best friend once again. Also doesn’t quite fight and about her only purpose for being in the game is so Link has a reason to want to save her and save Hyrule.

Buuuuuuut I do have reasons why she’s higher than Malon or Anju.

Ilia had her debut in Twilight Princess where she had a beautiful design and a bit fiercer personality than had been seen of female characters prior (that weren’t Gerudo, evil, or Impa). Ilia also had a reason of her own. She took care of Epona and would put Link AND her father, the Mayor, in their places. I believe they could’ve done AMAZING things with Ilia.

But sadly, the developers kept her as a flat character and made her another object for Link to save.



  • Number 4: Saria



Now I can already hear people tearing down the door to my “studio” (we don’t have studios) to yell at me for how much Saria is just as bad as the other characters in my worst list AND I CAN AGREE WITH YOU TO AN EXTENT

There’s a reason why she is low on my Best Top 5. But also a reason why she’s on here in the first place.

Ocarina of Time is one of MANY people’s first experience in The Legend of Zelda. It was the first “open world” and first 3D Zelda. It started the renaissance of RPGs and had the Zelda franchise hit through the roof.

That being said, this will be many people’s first time seeing Link and him having a childhood friend. Also, Saria KNEW he wasn’t like the Kokiri and despite how some of the other’s treated him for not having a fairy, she STILL talked to him and cared for him.

Even when it pained her to see Link leave the Kokiri forest, she knew it was his destiny and gave him an ocarina that she made.

If it wasn’t for Saria, Link never would have learned Zelda’s Lullaby from Impa because he wouldn’t have had an instrument to play it on.

Saria was a key point in the Ocarina of Time story and is even one of the Seven Sages. She puts a lot more into the story than Malon, Anju, or even Princess Ruto and unlike Lana, she had SPENT TIME WITH LINK so she had a reason to have a romantic interest in Link.



  • Number 3: Medli



She is SOOO CUTE! Okay! She makes her debut in Wind Waker and god was Wind Waker a god sent for The Legend of Zelda franchise when it came to female characters.

Medli was the advisor/sage person of the Prince of the Rutos. When Medli realizes that the prince wouldn’t be able to get his wings through the trial because the dragon was upset, she sets off by herself to go figure out how to fix it.

And yes, Link had to save her, but she got all the way through the trial BY HERSELF FOR HER PRINCE!

Furthermore, she (spoiler alert) is a reincarnated sage AND helps you later in game to get through a dungeon that is NECESSARY to complete the game.

AND she also reappears in Hyrule Warriors and is an EPIC fighter!!!!

I love this little birb



  • Number 2: Midna


Now I can already hear Zan screeching at me for not putting Midna as number 1 (if you want to hear her love for Midna, click here), BUT I will explain why my Number 1 beat her IN MY OPINION!

Now Midna was the MAIN reason I made the rule that my “side characters” just had to be anyone who wasn’t Link, Zelda, or Ganon, because if I hadn’t, she would’ve been disqualified due to her being both a guide character and a main character of Twilight Princess since she (spoiler alert) was in fact the Twilight Princess.

Now I know I said Wind Waker was a god sent for the franchise but GOD SO WAS MIDNA! Both Twilight Princess and Wind Waker were released around the same time on the Gamecube and GOD do we need those developers back since Skyward Sword (though there was some pros) was ultimately a bust.


Midna was strong, POWERFUL, and was a VERY developed character.

She had her kingdom RIPPED from her was was reduced to an embarrassing body with under half of her power.

She uses Link to get back at Zant and get back was rightfully her’s.

She learns to care for Link despite having originally only using him as a pawn.


Midna is a GREAT image for the representation of females and gawd thank you Twilight Princess for bringing that little imp into our lives.



  • Number 1: Impa


Impa is a recurring character that has appeared in Link to the Past, Link Between Worlds, Ocarina of Time, Hyrule Warriors, Skyward Sword, and even Breath of the Wild. HELL there’s probably even more that I just haven’t played!

Impa is THE leader of the Sheikah Tribe, a tribe of MAGICAL NINJAS. She is the personal guard of Princess Zelda and can MORE than hold her own.

She is also, in many games, a sage.

Impa has beautiful designs throughout each of the games (my favorite being Hyrule Warriors)

And is a key part in the Legend of Zelda timeline since the Sheikah tribe have protected the royal family for ages.

She is a constant strong character in the Zelda franchise and god I HATE they had her saved by Link in both Hyrule Warriors AND Skyward Sword since she is CLEARLY more skilled than Link in BOTH games since she had been trained longer.

Impa is my beautiful bby and I’m SO glad she’s back in Breath of the Wild!


Speaking of Breath of the Wild, I do have an Honorable Mention from the game (so read with caution since it MAY have a spoiler you don’t want to know).



  • Honorable Mention: Purah



Purah is a new character introduced in Breath of the Wild who is another member of the Sheikah Tribe and is a FUCKING SCIENTIST! She is one of the MASTERS of the Sheikah technology and is one of the key members in you advancing the Sheikah slate in the game.


I haven’t completed Breath of the Wild yet so Purah hasn’t made it to any list, but I can almost GUARANTEE she’ll probably boot Ilia.

So this has been Mod Syrup with my first Top 5 and I hope you liked my views on these Female Side Characters!!! See ya next time!!!


5 thoughts on “Top 5 Best & Worst: Legend of Zelda Female Side Characters!

  1. Fun read, I have a few nitpicks about some misplaced facts, but I also understand that’s not really the point of this article. I will say I disagree a bit, on small part about Anju,

    There’s a segment where you can eavesdrop on Anju talking in her room with I think her mother or one of her friends, They tell her a rumor that it’s likely that her fiancee ran away with the ranch owner Cremia, Anju’s best friend. I’m not sure how much that changes anything but I feel like it adds a bit more that she’s being pressured from others rather than just moping about him being gone.

    Just a small comment, great work!


    1. Mod Syrup here! Very true! And I understand that too (though I didn’t know that Cremia was her best friend). And that does put it in some perspective some and as I admitted in the article, I’m aromantic so I’m like GET BACK ON YOUR HORSE AND RIDE BBY!

      I would also like to point out, even though they were on my Worse List, doesn’t mean I didn’t like them in a whole. (I pointed out that Lana almost made it to the Best List).

      I’m truly glad you enjoyed my article though! Hope you’ll continue enjoying all the content we bring!


  2. I feel like the word “side” doesn’t belong in the title, considering one of your bottom five is there for not being involved in the main quest (Which absolutely baffles me as a reason to put her on the Worst list. At worst, I’d bump a character down to the bottom of the Best list, or into the Honorable Mentions for it. But hey, it’s your list.) I know you said in the article that the list considers anyone who isn’t Link, Zelda or Ganon a side character, but the “female” part already disqualifies Link and Ganon, and there are so many different versions of Zelda that you could easily just say “Zelda won’t be on here, because she could fill a whole Best and Worst list on her own.”

    Also, Agitha absolutely does fight in Hyrule Warriors. I’m guessing you only played Legend Mode, so you only ever experienced her as an AI ally (i.e. as worthless as any other ally character not controlled by a player,) but in Adventure Mode, she turns up as an enemy officer (Adventure Mode consists entirely of plotless individual instances where different characters can be on the same team just because) and can be unlocked as a playable warrior.
    And in Twilight Princess, you must have gotten far enough to reach her, considering the things you know about Midna. She provides you wallet upgrades and rupees in exchange for golden bugs, but she’s just a side character, so I suppose that strengthens her number one spot for you?


    1. Hello and welcome to NWG! Thank you for taking time to give your opinion.

      I’m sorry you don’t agree with me and I thank you for bringing new information to me; but I believe you have a few misunderstandings I’d like to clarify.

      Now, I said, “I’m considering any character that isn’t Link, Zelda, or Ganon as a side character” for clarification; sorry if it seemed to be over-clarification.

      As for Zelda, she could have her own list (which I also wrote an article on here: You may enjoy that.)

      As for Agitha fighting in Adventure Mode, I in fact didn’t know she was a playable character in that mode. But, that being said, that doesn’t change my views. All the other games only have the story mode; so when comparing Hyrule Warriors, I only was comparing Legend Mode since that was it’s story mode. Sorry, I should’ve clarified that.

      Lastly, I haven’t gotten far enough in Twilight Princess to meet Agitha. I’ve seen spoilers and other Mods have told me about Midna (you can check out Mod Zan’s article on Midna here: ).

      I hope that clarifies things and I hope you enjoy the suggested articles.

      – Mod Syrup


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