Nasty Announcement: Schedule Change!

Hi Nasties! We’re back with another update announcement for our dedicated viewers. We hope our week off hasn’t treated you too badly, and we’re really excited to share what’s upcoming. First, we had a doozy of a meeting last night so we could hash out some of the intimate details of your favorite feminist page. We’ve made some changes and we’re implementing a few new segments that we hope you’ll love as much as we do. Here’s some of the changes that we’re making and the date of our next big update for you:

The Artist Corner is being moved to a monthly slot so that we can get you guys something bigger and better, and give our artists a little time to breathe between works!

ELIG is suspended for the time being, and Problematic Faves have been replaced with Top 5’s in our schedule.

Since we’ve been having a technical difficulty or five with streaming, we’re shifting it to a weekend slot on a can-do basis, meaning that whenever one of us can, we will! We’ll make sure to give you guys at least 24 hours warning beforehand and remind you right before the stream starts.

Thursdays are now home to our new Character Spotlight segment!

Ace will be starting a new weekly segment Mondays at 2 PM called Ace’s Apps, which will highlight some of the best gaming apps for you mobile gamers out there.

We have a visual schedule below if you want specific dates and times, but for now that’s all she wrote! Thanks for sticking with us, loyal viewers. Have a most excellent week, and happy gaming!

April 2017 Schedule


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