Indie Invasion: Transistor with Mod Knight!

Supergiant games is known for it’s quality games, ones that are strongly atmospheric and extremely well rounded in gameplay. Thus far, my favorite example of this is Transistor, currently rated 10/10 on steam!

Transistor is a sci-fi action RPG that tells the story of Red, a singer/activist who has her voice taken away, her attackers leaving behind a mysterious sword with the power to affect the world and to absorb the minds of it’s victims. Guided by the voice of one such victim, a man Red knew, she goes, crossing her city in an attempt to get back what she has lost.

Regarding gameplay, Transistor is extremely solid, not using a turn based system for grid based RPG battles, but rather giving the player the ability to stop time, set the actions they want red to perform, then let her go at it, otherwise the player is required to fight in real time, which adds a lot of challenge. Also, red can be built and customized in many different ways, each combat ability can be used either actively, passively, or as a modifier to other abilities!! Each with different effects, a single modifier can totally change the way Red fights, and personally, that level of customization is one I love to death!

Now, for the art and graphics, this game, is GORGEOUS!! There’s an interesting, painterly style that blends the elements of the game together so well, nothing seems out of place and it all just comes together seamlessly, even Red’s attacks are well choreographed and pretty to look at, while still feeling ferocious and potent! The game is beautiful and lively, even the enemies are well designed and fit in with the world’s structure.

Finally, the best part of the game is its story and characters, while there are very few characters with actual screen time and speech, everyone who appears in game has a biography that lets you get to know them rather deeply. Red, as a protagonist, is amazing. While she has very few spoken lines in the game, her feelings about the world, the story, and the other characters are expressed in the game’s BEAUTIFUL soundtrack. It features Red’s voice actress, Ashley Barret, as the main vocalist for the game’s songs, which again, are some of the best music pieces I’ve ever heard in a video game. Beyond her singing, Red is a very strong character; her in game bio reveals she was an activist, many of her songs being some form of protest or another (though I won’t go into spoilers) Alongside Red, we have the man in the transistor, who serves as sort of our narrator in the game, following the example set by Supergiant’s previous game “Bastion” The man in the transistor provides most of the color commentary for the game, explaining the history of the city and the locations in it, as well as bringing up memories he shared with Red

Honestly, I could continue writing about how much I love this game, but i think I’ve said what absolutely needs to be said~

Anyway guys! Please be sure to check out this game and support the devs, they do great work!

Final Score – 10/10


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