Mobile Monday: Avenger’s Academy with Mod Syrup!

Hey guys! Mod Syrup back here with another article! The mobile gaming market is constantly increasing and as someone who stays on their giant iPhone 6 Plus for the majority of their day, it’s really nice to have vastly amount of good games; from intensive RPGs to hack and slash to even some low effort but story packed games.

The first game I’m review fits the latter category. I’m talking about Avengers Academy from the developers TinyCo for both Android and iPhone devices. Now if you’re a fan of Marvel, whether the movie franchise, comic franchise, or both, this can be a very enjoyable game. If you’re a huge shipper like I am, even more so! Maybe I should actually dive into what this game holds?

Now as a name implies, it’s sort of a high school setting, but the characters do have their powers and skills. Most characters are around the teen age group and Director Fury is collecting different heroes for a certain reason (very secretive like the Director Fury I have grown to love. And it’s based of the Samuel L Jackson version! I’m bigger in the movie franchise xD).

Each of the heroes have a set of like 6 pieces of dialogue that is voiced which gives more life to these characters. They can be upgraded and their super hero suit upgrades with the level up. There are also costumes that you can get from either special events or as you upgrade the Academy to have the hero’s gain different skills.

More onto the special events: they are updated monthly. Some events go longer but they add more missions that vary from the main story line. They have standard holiday events that match with certain villains, but they also give special events for any Marvel movies that come out (They did it for Civil War, Doctor Strange etc).

During the special events, you have the chance to get special costumes and heroes; also you have the chance to get some villains!

When I figure started playing, you weren’t able to upgrade the special heroes once the event was over, but they have since fixed that, which is awesome!



Before, I mentioned skills, and that’s a major thing into playing the game. You have certain quests for either the main story or event story. For each quest, 1-3 characters have to perform a certain task (or skill). It’s just something that you go to a character and set them on the task and it takes a certain time until it’s done. If the character is already on a task, they can’t perform another one until it’s complete.


Even though the app is free, some things are pay to win. There’s some characters you can only get with the crystals that you can buy (like Spider-Woman is 250 crystals, which is upsetting since she’s beautifully designed). With further updates, they added ways to get crystals without paying (i.e., watching ads or during Academy level ups), but if you’re trying to save up for the 250 crystals for Spider-Woman, that takes a long time.

Furthermore, some of the characters during special events are locked behind crystals, and some tasks for the events become harder without those special characters (though it is possible to do it the free way as well).

Frankly, I’d prefer ads I’m forced to watch over not being able to get all the characters.

Last thing I want to talk about on this game is that TinyCo is very hands on with helping you with errors and glitches. I’ve only had one major glitch, and I emailed the developers/monitors. And within maybe 30 minutes, they had replied, and I got it fixed? It was pretty amazing and really good PR.

To conclude this article, all I can say is if you want a more interactive game where you actually have to fight, this isn’t a game for you. If you want a relaxing game with a good set of characters, an interesting story, a chance to ship certain heroes, and be able to pick back up the game whenever you want, this is the game for you!

Image result for avengers academy app

This has been Mod Syrup and I’ll see you at my next article!


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