Top 5 Best and Worst: Best RPGs with Mod Loser!

Hey Nasties, Mod loser here with my personal Top 5 best RPG’s of all time. I’d like to reiterate that these are my top 5 best RPG’s. Don’t like the list, or have one of your own? Comment on the article. That out of the way, let’s get this ball rolling with number five!

#5: Final Fantasy X


Yeah, no surprise here. But one of the best titles on the PS2 is also one of my favorite RPG’s, both critically and based on my personal preference. The Sphere Grid had the perfect customization for leveling up, and so many RPG’s in the modern era use similar grid/perk tree based leveling because of this. The gameplay was the best turn based combat Square ever put out, and I was so sad to see it go when Final Fantasy 12 came out. Truly one of the best. And if you have a Vita or a PS3, you can get your hands on an HD edition for a decent price.

#4: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

My first Bioware RPG at a young age, and my reason for wanting an Xbox way back when. This game still holds up pretty well and did the Alignment action system way before Mass Effect. In fact, its clear that KOTOR inspired Bioware’s decisions for the Mass Effect series, as Mass Effect really evolved the presets created in KOTOR. Loads of unique party members with their own backstory quests, a unique created character with multiple options for romance, and in KOTOR there were force powers unique to each alignment. So you really felt rewarded no matter the alignment you chose. A good RPG, and if you have a 360, you can still play it through backwards compatibility. Or I guess you can grab it on Steam.

#3: Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

I argue this is still the best Mario game ever to be released, and destroyed every idea that a turn based RPG is boring when it came out. Despite the GameCube’s superior power at the time, Nintendo opted for the paper aesthetic, and it worked really well. With a more detailed story, and yet again, party members that felt unique and had involved backstories, it really felt like you were exploring the mushroom kingdom. Honestly, its a damn shame that recent Paper Marios abandoned this style of gameplay because its better than any Final Fantasy I have ever played.

#2: Tales of Symphonia

The first major, open world RPG I have ever played (other than Ocarina of Time). I have never felt more sincere care or concern for characters in a video game, and yet again, rather than going or the Final Fantasy style of realistic graphics, this game took a more chibi and anime approach. Which yielded great results. It’s not perfect by any means, but with multiple types of moves and skills to learn, with 2 or 3 different endings and the sheer amount of choice and detail in every single character, it was hard for me not to put this game as my number 1. Symphonia recently got an HD-Remaster for the PS3 and I urge you to play it.

Honorable Mention:

Alright, so this game is an honorable mention from me, purely because a remake of it is in Progress. And who knows, I may love the remake even more. This mention is Final Fantasy 7. It was the first Final Fantasy I played and beat, and I adored it. I loved Sephiroth being an allegory for PTSD, the way Cloud and all the characters had unique goals and desires while still being expertly weaved into the plot and eventually causing literally everything to come back to Shinra, Hojo, and Sephiroth. This 60 hour game was amazing on the PS1, and there is a port to the Vita, PS3, PS4 and Steam for around 15$. It’s so worth it.

#1: Dragon Age: Inquisition

Want a canon trans character who kicks total ass? Want to have immense, strategy heavy dragon boss fights that makes Skyrim look weak? Want literally hundreds of hours worth of different choices, character races, classes, and more? You get Dragon Age: Inquisition. The multiplayer was obviously tacked on because EA wanted it to be, but we all know at its core Dragon Age is an RPG, and a damn good one at that. While I felt the mage was a bit overly nerfed, the gameplay was great and the voice acting was superb. Hell, even the graphic design wowed me, especially for the first time on my Xbox One and when I saw it on PS4. This game is like, 20$ now and Xbox Live and PSN do constant deals on the game of the year edition. Even the DLC made me feel like it was worth the price, you really should check this game out if you love fantasy RPG’s.

Thanks for reading/watching guys! What are your favorite RPG’s and why? Tell us down below! This is Mod Loser, Signing off.


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