Character Spotlight: Lyn from Fire Emblem with Mod Syrup!

Hey Nasties! Mod Syrup back with another article and my first Character Spotlight!!! Now, I’ve debated on which character I should do first. And after much debate, finally decided on Lyn from Fire Emblem.


Now if you guys have been keeping up with the YouTube channel, you know that I’ve been playing Fire Emblem for this first time (playlist can be found here). That being said, I’ve clearly not finished the game. So these are my first impressions of Lyn, and how I feel about her up to this point. I will write some spoiler(ish?) things from the beginning of the game, so be ready!

Okay, so to start off, Lyn finds you and takes care of you. Originally, I was a bit annoyed with her. Then the next thing I knew, bandits came and she kicked ass! So I was like, well damn, maybe she’s better than I thought? 

Fast forward to when you and Lyn go to the town over: you’re met by Sain who tries to hit on Lyn super hard.


Lyn is completely unphased and quite annoyed by Sain’s attempts. So once I saw that, I was like: YES YOU GO GIRLLLLLL. Because I was so afraid it’d be another same ol’ desu-desu-blush-blush type of shit. (Syrup, what the hell do you mean, you weeb?) I was afraid a nice looking man, who’s apparently a knight, would come and Lyn would just fall all over him. I wanted Lyn to stay strong.

When you meet Lyn and she says she wants to travel with you, she tells you about her clan and how she tried to tell them how to protect themselves from the bandits. But the tribe didn’t listen to her because she was a woman, and they all died. So, ya know, hell yeah! Go against the patriarchy! And after that build up of Lyn, I was super worried she’d just fall into Mary-Sue-Ville and never get her bus ticket out; but (as of yet) she has definitely proved me wrong by her interactions with Sain.

As the story continues, early on you find out Lyn is actually Princess Lyndis and she pulls the Mani Katti from its sheath; a sword that only can be pulled by its rightful owner.

I’m super worried she’ll end up like Zelda, where every time she’s bad ass (Sheik, Tetra), and then finds out she’s a princess, she ends up becoming a weak Manic Pixie Dream Girl.

As of now, she’s still fighting (one of the strongest hitters), and is friends with a girl who rides a fucking pegasus! I actually ship them. A lot. Lesbians forever. (I’m a huge shipper so get use to it, fam).

I need to continue the game (but I’ve been waiting to record more shitty Let’s Plays for you guys, haha).

This has been Mod Syrup and I’ll update my views on Lyn once I finally complete the game! Until then, watch my Let’s Plays and keep watch on our other content!


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