Gamer Date Night: Amnesia Memories with Mod Aria!

Welcome to Gamer Date Night! This is Mod Aria for another installment of this series, and today I’m going to talk about a really fun and popular dating sim, Amnesia Memories.

Amnesia: Memories is an otome game, or Otoge. Otome games are visual novels with dating sim elements that are typically geared toward heterosexual, cisgendered women. The main focus is to pursue a list of attractive anime guys while taking control of a female protagonist.

The game “Amnesia” was originally released in March 2012 and was quite popular in Japan. It even got an anime based of the game in 2013.The game was eventually ported from the PSP to the PS Vita and PC, called “Amnesia V” in Japan.

Idea Factory International localized the game digitally for PS Vita and PC in August of 2015 in the West as “Amnesia: Memories”. In Amnesia: Memories, you play as an unnamed protagonist who wakes up one morning to find herself stricken with amnesia; she cannot remember who she is or who her friends are.

Depending on the route you choose, the scenes play out quite differently, as the protagonist is far more involved with the particular man in each route. You are able to pursue 5 guys in the game; You’re childhood friends Shin and Toma, your coworkers Kent and Ikki, as well as the mysterious Ukyo.

There is a good variety of personalities in the game, so you’re bound to find something you like. My favorite routes were Shin’s and Ikki’s. The MC is not all alone, however; there is a cute fairy named Orion (or, uh, Orion? I don’t know), and he offers the protagonist guidance, helpful advice and close friendship.

Orion is one of the best characters in the game, and it’s so sweet to watch his reactions to your conversations with him. The other side characters are interesting, though the only one I really enjoyed was Sawa.She was a breath of fresh air compared to other female side characters in otome games. They are usually bitter and jealous over the fact that their love interest is more interested in you than them. Amnesia falls prey to this as well.

The story of the game has a lot of depth to it, as it deals with many dark subjects such as murder, obsession, manipulation and abuse. This game even discusses the concept of multiple universes as well as time travel. While the game isn’t sexually explicit, I would advise not going into the game thinking it’ll be a tranquil slice-of-life game.

All of the available men have struggled with trials in their past, and have inner demons in the present, so prepare yourself for some heavy topics. And some routes are more grim than others. I advise to play with caution.

The design for the characters is certainly the most unique I’ve seen in a video game overall. The color palate is dark and rich, but the splashes of color help the game itself seem vivid. The GUI is very beautifully rendered and easy to interact with.

Though the day-to-day outfits that the characters wear are certainly, uh, detailed, it almost seems a bit out of place for this game. Seriously. It looks like everyone raided the bargain bin at Hot Topic.

But the game retains it’s original Japanese audio, and it has some incredibly popular Japanese VAs such as Tetsuya Kakihara, Kisho Taniyama and Akira Ishida.

Along with the main routes, the game has many bonus features. There are side stories you can play after the game, as well as two fun mini games: rock paper scissors and air hockey. I had much more fun playing rock, paper scissors than air hockey, but the air hockey controls are almost impossible to use with a laptop touchpad. I had to borrow my husband’s portable mouse to clear all the stages. There’s still more fun extras in this game, but I won’t spoil it as I feel it’s way more fun to explore on your own.

Overall, I would say the game is a very thrilling experience. And, compared with other otome game that have been released, the extra content makes it even more worth the purchase, as you will keep coming back to it. With the exception of some particularly dark routes, I never felt uncomfortable playing the game.

My advice is to check it out if you are interested; the game is available on Steam and digitally for PS Vita.

Thanks for reading this guys, please keep an eye out for more great content from NWG.

–Mod Aria/Sam


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