Indie Invasion: Chroma Squad with Mod Knight!

Lights! Camera! Action!!!!

Who hasn’t wanted to just pick up a camera, grab some friends and start making their own show?? Well, that’s more or less the idea behind Chroma Squad. Join a group of professional stuntmen (and women, robots, and aliens) As they quit their stunt jobs and begin making the Super Sentai show of their dreams!

Chroma Squad is a tactical strategy RPG by Behold Studios. The game has some really cool features in the combat system, namely the Teamwork, and Transformation Systems. Now, as expected in an RPG, each character has their own strengths and weaknesses that makes them form a cohesive party. As such, one of the really neat things about the game is the teamwork mechanic. By placing one of your characters and pressing the “Teamwork” button, they’ll end their turn, standing ready to help out another member of the squad; this can be by throwing them to help them move farther, combining weapons, or joining together for a team attack!

Also included in the teamwork function, if you group everyone around a single enemy and have them prepare to help, they’ll all join together for a single, huge finishing move! Now then, this all sounds good, but this is a Sentai show! You can’t just walk around in your plainclothes and fight! So, in order to use their powers, the team has to transform. How? By the power of the audience, of course!! During combat segments, the flashier the moves you pull off, the more special attacks you use; you build up your audience, which is the most valuable resource in the game! Once you complete a level, your audience is converted into money and Fan power, which are used to upgrade your studio, characters, and your marketing!

Throughout the game you’ll also receive fan mail, which you will have to choose how to respond to. While most of them simply result in new items or extra cash, some actually determine the plot of the game and decide where the story will go!

Overall, if you’re a fan of flashy action, fun customization, tactical gameplay, and a bit of cheezy humor, I think Chroma Squad is the perfect choice!

Overall- 8/10


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