Top 5 Worst: Worst Overwatch Skins with Mod Aria!

Top 5 Best and Worst: Worst Overwatch Skins with Mod Aria!

Mod Aria here for another fun installment of Top 5 Best and Worst! I’ve done a Top 5 based on Overwatch before, but I thought I’d go ahead and revisit the game in the form of skins this time. There’s no doubt that Overwatch skins are one of the most fun parts of the game, but when your opening loot boxes, there’s always that one skin that just makes you groan because it’s just so bad. Well, for me, look no further than this list to tell you which skins in Overwatch I think are the absolute worst.

#5: Mei’s “Mei-rry” Skin

This was the Overwatch skin that caused a lot of drama around Christmastime. And even though some people claimed the anger was unfounded, I actually disagree. Mei’s winter skin was very frustrating for players not just because it’s literally a rehashed version of her regular skin with Christmas colors, but it was also an event legendary skin.

And everyone knows the song and dance with event legendary skins. Golds are hard enough to get even if you buy loot boxes, and Overwatch has this fun little feature where the event skins cost more than the other skins (3000 compared to 1000). So not only do you have to pile up on loot boxes, but if you want a skin badly enough, you better save for it.

The main problem here is that Mei’s winter skin just seemed like a lazy attempt at a cash grab. There was nothing about it that felt legendary. And that made a lot of Overwatch players feel cheated. It’s like buying clothes at Abercrombie and Fitch: cheap stuff with a ridiculously high price. It’s not shocking that some people would feel offended. That’s why this skin is at the bottom of this list.

#4: Soldier 76’s “Daredevil Skin”


Let’s be honest: Soldier 76 has some weak skins overall. Most of them are interchangeable color swaps, even the epics. But his legendary skins fall flat in comparison to other players, and I feel like his Daredevil skin is the worst offender.

I kind of see what Overwatch was doing here? It seems like 76 was given that skin as a shout out to Evel Knievel, but I just don’t feel like 76 was the character that it should have been given to. McCree would have been better. Maybe…

The stuntman vibe just doesn’t fit 76, and what it does to his face is an even worse crime. For real. He looks like he should be in a bad 80s movie. The way his character was built (his seriousness and dejectedness) is the best part of 76’s character, and I feel like this skin just doesn’t suit him. I understand that some skins are meant to be funny, but this one is just so out of place. The skin is just too gimmicky to feel like it’s entertaining or fun to put on your Soldier. I hardly ever see it in the game and I now know why.

#3: Widowmaker’s “Odile” Skin

Coming in at the number 3 spot is a skin that most goths/emos will probably be pissed at me for insulting. But there it is. Widowmaker’s Huntress and Comtesse skins are amazing and I think fit her character, but her other two skins (Odile and Odette) are just incredibly awkward. And the Odile, with it’s black and green against alabaster skin, is the worst offender.

I can tolerate the Odette skin. It is much more reminiscent of a ballerina, and it’s more tolerable. For me, I think it’s the fact that the outfit is mostly one color. But the Odile skin looks like a 2006-Goth-Teen-Girl’s wet dream. I’m pretty sure Ebony Dark’Ness Dementia Raven Way drew this thing herself. It just doesn’t fit Widowmaker’s class. It makes her seem like she should be going to a costume party, not going to assassinate someone.

I might have had a bit more tolerance for this skin if it was Halloween themed, but the fact that this is one of her regular skins just makes it sad. Enoby can have her goffic Widowmaker back, thanks.

#2: Torbjorn’s “Ironclad” skin.

Torbjorn’s is also a character that is weak in the skin department (barring the gem that is his Santa Claus skin). But the worst offender on this list to me, surprisingly, is his second skin for the event that is going on right now: the Ironclad skin.

This skin is Torbjorn during his days in his Ironclad guild. And while I appreciated the nod to Overwatch lore, this skin is less than impressive. I’ve literally not heard one person come up in defense of this skin. I think it just hits everyone’s uncanny valley. We cannot perceive a reality where Torb doesn’t have a full beard, an eyepatch and no metal arm. And mutton chops? Really? Wow. Just wow.

Hey, maybe you like the skin. Maybe it doesn’t weird you out. And that’s fine. That’s great. But, man, I got this skin already and it will never touch my Torbjorn. His Cadet skin is good enough for me right now.

#1 McCree’s “Scrooge” Skin

You wanna know the most unnecessary skin in Overwatch? The one that probably most everyone would wish away if they could? Look no further than the winter skin Overwatch “gifted” McCree. And let me tell you, McCree’s skins aren’t that great in the first place. But Blizzard outdid themselves with this one.

Titled “Scrooge”, it gives McCree a top hat with spots of snow, tiny glasses and some kind of…fur…poncho? My God. Whatever the hell it is, it’s probably the worst skin in Overwatch according to this NWG mod.

The reason why I despise this skin is because it fits into every single category listed in the other awful skins: it’s too costume-like, it doesn’t fit McCree’s character at all, the colors on the skin are disgusting, it makes my uncanny valley go haywire and it just honestly ruins McCree’s overall look.

He literally looks better in his Vigilante/Mystery Man skins, and you can’t even see his face in those! The skin is just ugly and feels like forced grandstanding for the gimmick of Christmas. I have a headcanon that McCree got drunk one year and dressed like this to make everyone laugh at the annual Overwatch Christmas Party, but he was so far gone that he just spent the rest of the night in the bathroom puking his guts out. That helps me get over how foul this skin is.

That’s all for this week’s Top 5! Stay tuned for more great NWG content courtesy of myself and the other fantastic mods. ❤

–Mod Aria/Sam


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