Character Spotlight: Bayonetta with Mod Loser!

Mod Loser here talking about one of my favorite new female protagonists of the modern gaming era! The ever controversial Bayonetta is a personal favorite of mine, purely because of who she is. Bayonetta is, without any hesitation, an unadulterated bad-ass, and I love this. Bayonetta as a character is smart, witty, and deep. She shows very obvious disdain for the concept of Motherhood. She is more concerned with her own personal goals rather than raising a child, which is on blatant display in the first game.

That being Said, Bayonetta isn’t without some basic level of sympathy and empathy, which is shown with concern for NPC’s that she meets. She certainly is willing to save a little girl’s life, but that isn’t her perogative. What I love about Bayonetta is that, as the daughter of an umbral witch and some bitch-ass cleric guy, she tends to piss off holy entities who see her as a danger to the world as a whole. What does Bayonetta do? She gleefully accepted a deal with Madame butterfly to obtain dark, satanic powers in exchange for hunting down angels.

Rather than lamenting the deal and looking for a way out like some boring, broody character, she loves her power, embraces it, and embraces her job as an angel hunter. Oddly reminiscent of our pal Dante, huh? Furthermore, Bayonetta is unashamedly sexual, but never submissive. Any sexual innuendo she makes, any sexual comment, is always in regards to her control, and her power over the situation.

Yes, women don’t have to be sexual to be badass, but its so important to know that Bayonetta’s sexuality in context is because she enjoys being sexual as a character. And rather than making her stoic and emotionless, she’s charming, funny and still capable of being a cold, calculating murderer.

Bayonetta as a character is deep, interesting, and refreshing when every female character lately is either so stoic and emotionless that she clearly isn’t a character (and instead just a block of wood) or hypersexualized specifically to have a submissive, sexual woman for the sake of having one.

My final topic I want to discuss is Bayonetta’s height. Often in literature and art, height is a metaphor for power, control, and dominance. In her games, Bayonetta even without her gun heels (That’s right, she turned her high heels into pistols,) is the tallest character. She’s a sexual, powerful woman with goals, and is unashamed of herself and these goals.

Not the longest article because I wanted to avoid spoilers, but I adore Bayonetta! If you have a Wii U, Bayonetta 2 ALSO comes with Bayonetta one so I highly recommend it!

This has been Mod Loser with Character Spotlight, signing off!


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