NWG Reviews: InuYasha Feudal Combat with Mod Syrup!

Hey guys! Mod Syrup here with her first ever game review! I know what some of you guys are thinking, but wait, isn’t that what you did for Final Fantasy 13? No! Not exactly! Technically my Final Fantasy 13 was a currently dead segment, Problematic Fave. That was simply me talking about why I loved the game but also why I know it’s bad.

This time I’m actually going to breakdown a game based on audio & visuals, story & characters, and gameplay! You’ve seen other Mods do this and I’m taking a similar approach as they did. Hopefully I will be able to review decently!

Now my first review is on one of my favorite weeaboo games: InuYasha: Feudal Combat for the Playstation 2!

Story & Characters:

Now, this game is broken down into 4 different segments. First segment you get is InuYasha’s (clearly), where, for the majority of it, you play as InuYasha and have Kagome as your CPU partner. But one chapter you play as Human InuYasha and have to battle a CPU to move forward. By the end of the story mode, you fight against the main antagonist of the anime series: Naraku.

The rest of the story modes play roughly the same, except you play as different mains. The second being able to choose between playing as Miroku or Sango (except for one chapter). The third story mode is Shippo’s and the fourth and final one is Sesshomaru’s.

The story modes played very well to the personality of each of the characters with how they were in the anime (which is a big thing if you make a movie based, anime based, comic based game).

The only time I felt this wasn’t really like the anime was a bit of Sesshomaru’s story (who was probably thrown in because of how popular of a character he is).

The only thing I could ask for would be that the stories were longer and altered more between characters rather than it just switching which character fights what boss.

Overall I give the story & characters: 7/10. The characters played very well to how they were presented in the anime and manga, but the game’s story has some things lacking.

Audio & Visuals:

This is one of the strongest points in my opinion. Trying to make a 2D anime into a 3D game can be quite difficult. I’ve seen plenty of games that failed at this. That’s why MANY anime games would have pixel chibis and would use a drawing for dialogue. How the developers used shading to make the faces look akin to the anime but still have 3D models.

The music portion was good because they used similar tracks from the anime, but the dialogue and the lipsyncing was…horrible. More so the dialogue. It definitely made it seem like the developers slapped together the game TOO quickly. I’m glad they use the English voice actors for the dialogue (or damn good voice doubles), but some of the lines seemed too forced.

Overall I give audio & visuals: 7.5/10. The visuals REALLY carry this department, but the dialogue could be improved.


Now, this game surprised me because it was on Nintendo DS and Playstation Portable, but I’ve only played the Playstation 2 version, so this may not apply to the other consoles.

I adored the gameplay of this game. I picked it back up again recently with Mod Loser and I honestly felt no learning curve from playing more current games to going back to that game. I’m big on playing fighting games with the analog stick since I tend to also play RPG Fighters as well. This game plays pretty flawlessly in that regard when say, Mortal Kombat, you’re forced to use the d-Pad to perform combos better.

And I know what you’re saying; but Sarah, it’s a 3D fighter not a 2D fighter. Well, wait until I review the Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Series because those 3 games are 2D fighters, and you can use the analogue or the d-Pad. So come at me scrubs.

Back onto topic. When forced to play with a CPU partner, they actually made it pretty customizable. You have the ability to choose offense, defense or balanced, and you can also choose which CPU you’d prefer the partner to fight if there’s more than one.

Unfortunately, the game doesn’t explain this to the players. The colors/symbols that change to indicate which fighting style you’re in is in Japanese Kanji, which makes it very hindered for other communities.

Furthermore, some of the bosses in the story mode are hard just for the sake of being hard. I’ll focus on InuYasha’s story mode for my example.  So, uh skip to conclusion if you don’t want spoilers of this old game haha.


Okay, there is a part where InuYasha is in his Human Form because of the new moon, and he has to fight against Kikyo. Compared to half-demon form where InuYasha can fight as a close or mid-range fighter, in human-form he can only fight close range. Kikyo is, clearly, a long range fighter thanks to her bow and arrow. At some point in the fight, if you get far enough away from her, she starts spamming arrows. It makes it extremely difficult to get back up to her and attack her given that all of your attacks, including your ult, are close range.

Furthermore, you have Naraku at the end of the story mode. The battle setting is at Naraku’s castle where there is almost constant poisonous gas that can damage your health. Naraku can also release more poison around him. What’s more, he starts to spam his teleport skill. Making CPUs spam just to make it hard makes for very poor gameplay.

Overall, I find the gameplay to get a 6/10. I love the playstyle, but there are too many learning curves. Since there’s no tutorial about how other functions, like the fighting style, work, people can’t play to the most optimal way. And to have the CPUs spam just to make it a harder level is poor design.


The overall score is a 6.8/10. This is a very good game for an anime video game, but there is still a lot to be desired. The dialogue could also be improved. But I do think if you get a chance, InuYasha: Feudal Combat is a must try out!


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