Indie Invasion: Undertale with Mod Aria!

Hello readers! Today, I’m going to talk about an indie game that has stolen hearts across the entire world. Undertale has been covered by so many people, both famous and underground, and I figured it was time that NWG threw their hat into the ring and discuss what a great experience Undertale is.

Undertale is a short Earthbound-inspired game developed by Toby Fox, and there’s not a soul alive who hasn’t heard about the game. It took the gaming community by storm in late 2015, and it has garnered so much fan content that you won’t have to look far to find something good and fan made about it.

But what is it that makes Undertale so captivating? Part of it is that the story of the game itself leaves so much to be desired. Normally, that would be a bad thing. But Undertale’s story is left so open-ended that it leaves the player craving more: more time with the characters, more desire to explore the Underground, more information about the secrets behind what is happening behind the scenes. This game is rich in lore and mystery.

The characters are also what make Undertale so fun. Getting to know Sans and Papyrus, fighting with Undyne, even Flowey; they all have such great characterization through small nuances about their habits, the way they speak and the choices that they make. Which is how good characterization is done. I don’t think Undertale would be nearly as popular if it wasn’t for brilliant character creation and the smart storytelling.

Of course, to say Undertale is the perfect wouldn’t be fair at all. I don’t really believe in “perfect games”, so I would have to disagree if anyone said that about Undertale. The game itself is not as visually pleasing as some of the bigger games that come out every year. And while open-ended stories are good, Undertale ends just as quickly as it begins. I would have liked the game to spend a bit more time developing the world of the Underground. It would have been fun to make this game a bit less linear.

Overall, there is so much to love about Undertale. The music, the atmosphere, the representation of LGBT characters, the stereotypes that it breaks. The game is just different. And in the current gaming climate, it’s rare to see something so new. If you have yet to play Undertale, I implore you to give it a try. You will never be the same after you’ve played it.

Thanks for reading! Please continue to support us!

–Mod Aria/Sam


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