Gamer Date Night: Angel or Devil+ with Mod Syrup!

Hey Nasties! Mod Syrup here to show off her weeaboo tendencies with playing Dating Sims on her phone! This week I’m talking about Shall We Date?: Angel or Devil + by the developers NTT Solmare Corp.

The main characters consist of three guys: Latis, an angel, Diaval, a demon, and Ruvel, a reaper. The game also gives you an option of 3 other characters: Feyril, an angel, Raug, a demon, and Reiner, a reaper. I personally played Ruvel’s story as my first go through, and Reiner (the other reaper) was depicted in it. I assume it’s because they both worked for Hades.


I choose Ruvel’s story as stated. The story starts off with you in the hospital where you meet the main three: Latis, Diaval, and Ruvel. They tell you that you’re dead and your soul is pure enough to go to Heaven. But, of course, the Reaper and the Demon also want your soul. So you have seven days left on earth until your soul leaves; the three men are trying to entice you into their side.

Like most Dating Sims, once you pick the character you wish to pursue, the story ends up featuring them mostly. As you return home, you wake up the next morning to wonder if it was all a dream only to have Ruvel show up.


The story continues and Latis and Diaval make at least two attempts to have you switch to them. And towards the end of the story, you also have Reiner trying to take your soul to Hades; since Ruvel is proving he can’t do his job.

I don’t want to spoil any more of the story for you, so I’m going to just go into more of the game mechanics now. So, this is a Free to Play game (which is honestly the only reason why I’ve been able to play it). There are some features you can buy,  but everything can either be given to you as a gift or be given to you as a Daily Login Bonus.


There are certain “events” that you have to get pass to continue the story. Which, I can admit, is annoying and definitely an attempt to money grab you. But, if you’re patient, you can get everything you need from the Login Bonus. There are three events that you have to get past: one is Reaper/Ruvel, which is honestly completely up to chance. One is Demon/Diaval which is just needing a certain level of Charm from Diaval’s Guide to Style. You have three Styles you can get points from: Cool, Sweet, and Classy. Honestly, as long you make sure to spend your Action Points on the daily to do the style challenges, you’ll easily beat those events in your story.

The one that is the money grab is the Angel/Latis’s challenge. It’s called the Angel’s Scale, and you have to have a certain number of Pieces of Justice before you can continue. I can’t say this is purely money grab considering you do get it from one of the Daily Bonuses, and the developers sometimes will give you them as a special gift. But, that being said, you must be patient and wait until you have the pieces to continue your story, which can be annoying.


Overall, I love all the Shall We Date games I’ve played. (Expect more reviews on games from the same developers). Angel or Devil + is definitely a must play game. The story is great, and it’s free. I don’t think it’s worth throwing money at it to get through it faster.

Also, I just saw that the Shall We Date franchise just released another game called Modern Cinderella, so I’m definitely going to check it out for you guys!!!

See ya next time!

— Mod Syrup


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