Indie Invasion: Magicka with Mod Knight!

Do you like wizards? Yes? How about chaos? Also yes? How about games with dynamic play styles, fun magic casting and combos? YES? Well, have I got a game for you!!

Magicka is a game by Arrowhead Studios in which up to four players join together on a quest through a land based on Norse mythology, the game’s premise is pretty simple, you have a number of elements at your disposal, each with its own effects, you can then combine several elements at once to create different spells, that range from healing allies in the vicinity, to say…blasting a laser of pure death and fire at your foes.

However!! Things aren’t as simple as they seem. With 4 players, wacky enemies, crazy area effects and a total disregard for logic, the game gets rather chaotic as you and your friends push each other off cliffs, freeze one another solid, fry each other with lighting…and so on…

At its core, Magicka isnt built around its strong storytelling. The characters that are there are all tend to just exist for the purpose of giving the game a reason to go on. Or to simply serve as a joke; which, surprisingly does little to detract from the game. In fact, it simply makes it easier to focus on the gameplay itself!

The game also has both a spin off and a sequel. The spin off, Magika: Wizard Wars, is a multiplayer competitive arena game which follows the basic formula of the original but in a more combative environment.

The sequel, Magika 2, seems to follow the original idea of the first game, despite having not played it yet, it currently holds mostly positive reviews! It’s one i definitely intend to try out soon though

Overall, if you enjoy irreverent humor, dynamic and wacky gameplay with just the slightest tweak of strategy, I’d recommend it!

Total Rating- 7.5/10


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