Mobile Monday: Fantasy War Tactics with Mod Syrup!

Hey everyone! Mod Syrup here for another Mobile Monday! This week I’m talking about a game I really love and fell back in love with to make this review! The game is called Fantasy War Tactics!


This game is from the developers Nexon/NexonGT. If those developers look familiar, it’s because they are also the creators of the pixelated chibi MMO, Maplestory! This game is for both iOS and Android and is FREE! There is a way to buy the in-game currency that can get you skins, etc, but it doesn’t put you at a disadvantage since there’s so many ways to get crystals!


So, what are these ways you can get Crystals, you ask? Two different things! One thing, there’s a Daily Log-In bonus AND a Day of the Month Log-In bonus! The second thing is the achievements that are given for these categories: Daily, Dungeon, Battle, Hero, Enhancement, and Special! Not all the achievements or the bonus are crystals clearly, but with the amount of achievements available and how easy they are to obtain, this is the first game I literally can’t get mad at for the in-game currency on a mobile game!


Now after that image, you see there are a lot more “currencies” than the crystals. From left to right, you have Energy, Mana Stones, Gold, and Crystals. Each of these have their on purpose.

Energy is similar to most games where those are used to play a level of the game. But, as you can see, there’s no real limit on the amount of Energy you can obtain. The 47 is the amount of Energy that can be recovered over 24 hours. How do I have above the 47? Because this game also has a mechanic called The Lab where you can get Energy, Mana Stones, Crystals and convert Random Genes (I’ll touch on these later). I went through a period where I would log into the game for the reward, but I wasn’t playing the levels; so I got tons of Energy, Mana Stones, and Gold.


God, I feel this is getting long, and I’m not done with the mechanics yet. I’ll try to sum up this section soon, but I love this game and there is A LOT to talk about!

Now the gold is probably the easiest to talk about because it is mainly used to enhance your characters’ gear (weapon, armor, and accessory). The majority of equipment can be added to any character, but the higher weapons are limited to character type.

Enhancing the equipment makes it stronger until you can level it up. Both enhancing and leveling up gear helps boost your character’s quality in attack, defense, and other qualities bound to the equipment.


Next on the agenda to talk about is Mana Stones. Mana Stones are used to change certain traits like crit damage, extra HP, etc. You get up to 5 of these for each Star Level. For example, if you are at 1 star, you get trait. Each Star Level requires you to level up 40 levels before moving up a Star (or tier).


The only thing I hate is that you get these traits by random, but they do combat this well. Each time you try to change your quality, you get the option to either take the new one or keep the old one AND is shows which one will make the character’s value is higher, so I can accept this mechanic without much complainants.


Next thing to talk about I think is Expeditions. Expeditions are when you send a character plus Mercenaries (other people’s characters) off to an area you’ve concurred or are in the process of concurring and you reap rewards. The majority of the rewards are weapons; but I use this mainly for leveling! If I want a character in par with the rest of my party, I send the lowest level on these to get them quickly leveled up! You can also set up one character to be your Mercenary for other players which also helps your character level up in that way too!

The next thing to mention is that you can customize 5 parties with 5 characters in each. When I originally played this, you were limited to 3 parties of 5, but since the updated to Fantasy War Tactics R, there are 5. I love this because if you’re in love with a character or their particular skill set (which is probably a logical way to play, but I love characters’ personalities myself haha), you have more characters available to play with! 


Speaking of characters, there’s character customization where you can buy skins that not only look cute, but add on stats to your character!


There are also times where the Mods give you characters as a gift; some of them even fully leveled up! I recently got one and I LOVE HIM! He looks badass AND hits hard! But, it takes away a story aspect when you get characters in this aspect.

Okay wooo. Okay let’s talk about skills now! Each character has their own set of skills that attack differently. You can upgrade them, using ‘genes’ as I mentioned earlier, as well as always get refreshed by where the AOE is! I don’t particularly have much to talk about this area, but it leads me into combat!


Now, if you’re fan of Final Fantasy 1 (also known as Final Fantasy Tactics for the Gameboy Advance) or Fire Emblem (that was also on the Gameboy advance), then you’ll love the combat system of this game. It’s an aerial view with a strategical, turn-based style. Also, you have 3 main types (Rock, Paper, and Scissors) that tell you which character would be best against each enemy. There are also subsets like Bard, Healer, Ranged, etc for the characters but they aren’t exactly too important for the basic combat.


What is also exciting is that Nexon also did short cut scenes for each of attacks that they animated. These make fighting more entertaining than the games mentioned before, in my opinion.


Also, unlike Fire Emblem, the “strategist” (who’s a character referred to as Lord) actually has his own attacks that can be upgraded. Some of them are like healing the heroes, or doing an firestorm. It’s really effective and at least adds depth to the main character of the story.


I suppose at this point, I’ll speak more onto the story. The story is based around Lord deciding to conquer the world to prove himself and to overthrow the current government. Throughout the levels you get special cutscenes to develop the story and that also show how the character came to join the party. The developers also added in other cutscenes, after you unlock a character, to give more depth to the characters’ backstories and personalities. All of these can be reviewed at anytime after you unlock them. Unfortunately, the scenes aren’t animated like the skills in combat, but it’s still nice!


The develops update this game a good chunk of the time to keep it running smoothly. That being said, if you spend months without updating it; you have a bit of a League of Legends problems with waiting a GOOD WHILE for it to update.

I’ve only had the game crash on me once and I was in the middle of a battle. BUT when I reloaded the game, it had automatically saved my battle and I had the option to resume it!


Oh boi. Okay guys, thanks for sticking it through. I’m almost done.

Lastly I want to talk about the character and character design. All characters have wonderful personalities and BEAUTIFUL character designs and awesome skins! The men even have variety! Not all are sexy, buff men! There’s one, a bard, who is super feminine and expresses such emotion and I LOVE HIM. Hell, even some of the skins for the Lord are him cross-dressing or switching gender. I haven’t bought the Lord skins yet; but I have a feeling it won’t change dialogue unfortunately.

I only have one real complaint and that is the hyper-sexualization of the characters.



And then, I saw this dialogue and FUMED.


Yeah. That. Like excuse me??? This is an anime styled game, so yes, I expected big boobed females, but that dialogue crossed the line from me. Just please, stop.

Also, this far in the game, the only POC characters I’ve seen have been 2 Asians. Hopefully the game will unlock more, but that is disappointing.

Overall, I give this game a 9.5/10. I would’ve given it a 10/10 but I can’t get passed the hypersexualized females and lack of POCs. This game did SO well for personality diversities in men, but no POCs and most females are hypersexualized. The game keeps expanding, even has a whole other continent since I originally played this game so I do have hope!


I still suggest this game BIG TIME. I’ve played it both on my iPhone and Android tablet and it plays flawlessly. It also gives you the option to link accounts so you can play the same game on multiple devices!

This game is worth the try and I’m super glad I’ve picked it back up! See ya next time

Mod Syrup


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