Character Spotlight: Rikku (with Mod Syrup!)

Hey Nasties! Mod Syrup here with another Character Spotlight! This week I’m taking a break from The Legend of Zelda to revisit an all time favorite of mine, Final Fantasy X and X-2. Final Fantasy X had some amazing characters for it’s time; but this week I’m talking about Rikku.

Rikku is a character that was in main plot of both Final Fantasy X and X-2. For this article I will be discussing her in both games and why she’s such an amazing character!

When we’re first introduced to her, she is a treasure hunter that ends up saving Tidus from freezing to death or being eaten by a monster. She quickly joins the fight, showing her skills in stealing and dealing damage with gernades. After the fight is over, it is clear she’s a bit of a leader of this group and even one-hits Tidus to knock him out. That is the strength this tiny girl has!

When she returns in the game, after Tidus was separated by Sin, you finally get to see who this cutie is. Not only was she able to survive an encounter with Sin, she also can pilot tons of machina. Furthermore, she even gets the trust of Aaron off the bat and shows how useful she is in creating gernades and other weapons AS WELL AS using alchemy to create potions! AND she’s the only party character that is bilingual! She can speak Albed as well as the regular Spira language!

Rikku is also the only female that can fight underwater in the party. I liked this fact because it didn’t leave ONLY men being able to have this skill. It came in handy as well in combat since she could steal and also learn magic if you wished her to.

Also, aside from that, she blatantly shows a phobia to the party despite not knowing them from that long! And, with the help of the party, learns to overcome her phobia of thunder and lightning enough to get through the area AND the temple so Yuna can get her next Aeon.

Rikku, despite her age, also shows major maturity. When Wakka finds out that Rikku is an Albed, at first he disregards her. He decided his prejudice about Albed overshadowed who he found Rikku to be. Rikku was extremely hurt that a friend of hers chose to hate her only because of her race.

And even though she was hurt, she chooses to protect Yuna from that pain! Yuna wants to tell Wakka that she is half Albed, but rather than wish that pain on someone, Rikku decides to keep Yuna from the pain as much as possible.

Rikku time and time again shows how good of a friend she is. She cares deeply about the party and let’s herself get hurt in order to protect the others. She also is the one that chooses to tell Tidus about Yuna’s eventual demise due to the Final Aeon. All the other guardians, AND YUNA, were keeping Tidus in the dark; but Rikku decides to tell her friend the truth. She tells him to prepare him, but also in a desperate need to try and save Yuna from this fate.

Even at the end of Final Fantasy X, in a special cut scene, Rikku brings Yuna a sphere she found that had a man that resembled their lost friend, Tidus. Yuna tells Rikku she wants to travel the world and search for her love; and without a second thought, Rikku takes her.

In Final Fantasy X-2, the developers made Rikku the main eye-candy with her character design; but I’m so glad that they never took away her quirky personality. She’s always full of all emotions and is quick to let you know what she thinks.

Rikku is by Yuna’s side in all of X-2; trying to reunite her two friends and their lost love. Time and time again, Rikku just shows how much of a true friend she is and I can be nothing but thankful for that.

Rikku is definitely one of the best things to come out of these games. She’s adorable, beautiful, has an amazing personality, and KICKS ASS! She’s a great mascot for showing that women can both look cute and be badass!

This has been Mod Syrup and I hoped you enjoyed me hyping about one of my favorite characters from one of my favorite games! See ya next time!!!


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