Nasty Discussion: Amiibo with Mod Aria!

When Nintendo first announced the Amiibo, I’ll admit I was certainly skeptical. I thought that they were fun collectors items, but I certainly did not expect the massive cult following they would garner, or how difficult it would be to get one.

My husband and I are huge fans of Fire Emblem, and when the Robin and Lucina amiibo were ready to hit the shelves, I lined up at my local GameStop an hour in advance to pre-order them. But even then, the two people in front of me were the only ones that would get them that day. The people pre-ordering them through GameStop online had crashed the server, and we would not get any amiibo that day.

And it was after that day that I was so angry and Nintendo because I truly felt that what they had done was intentional. And it makes a lot of sense. Of course, there would be people that wanted them. While they claimed they had not anticipated the sheer amount, I think that argument is personally weak.

It seems more to me like they released a limited quantity in order to get that cult following so that these people would pay more money for the amiibo. It’s like an addiction; the more you have, the more you can buy, the better you feel. For people who were able to buy a lot of them, they were able to make a huge killing from scalping them (looking at you, Rosalina).

Luckily enough, the raving armies of people wanting these amiibo seem to have decreased as Nintendo truly has increased the amount that they made, but I wonder if that truly behooved them? There are amiibo for most new Nintendo games, and Animal Crossing even has amiibo trading cards. There are shelves and shelves of amiibo now; they are not the hot commodity they once were. I hear much less about them in the gaming underworld.

At the end of the day, however, I do think that’s a good thing. More than anything, these amiibo are not just collector’s items. They are fun toys to have for children, and useful tools for Nintendo’s growing game library. I hope the tread of mass producing these amiibo actually stays; I don’t want another amiibo-pocalypse when Fire Emblem Warriors is finally released for the Switch.

Thanks for reading this article! Please look forward to more great NWG content!

–Mod Aria/Sam


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