Mobile Monday: Fallout Shelter with Mod Zan!

Hi readers! It’s Mod Zan for the first time with Mobile Monday. Today we’re going to talk about a somewhat old but still great mobile app for fans of the Bethesda series: Fallout Shelter.

Fallout Shelter is a simulation style mobile app based off of the Fallout Series, putting the player in the place of the vault Overseer, or boss. Your job is to put Vault Dwellers into jobs that suit them based on their stats (referred to as S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats) in order to make a functional vault that keeps the dwellers happy and most importantly, alive during a nuclear fallout.

The main functions of the vault are through the different rooms, the most important being the power room, water room, and diner (food) room. As you expand your vault more rooms become available that allow you to do different things, such as a radio room to attract new dwellers without the need to birth children through your vault dwellers. And eventually, things such as a weapons room, armor room, and training rooms to boost your dweller’s stats.

The primary goal of the game is to create a vault that works well, provides enough resources to keep the dwellers happiness levels up and (now with new updates) to send your dwellers on quests into the wasteland to acquire rare gear and caps (currency) for the vault. You make caps every time a dweller levels up, when you successfully rush a room’s production, and through selling unnecessary equipment gleaned from expeditions into the wasteland or through the lunchboxes that you receive for completing goals. Rushing a room’s production allows you to speed up their time in producing resources, which can result either in extra caps and quick resources or fail and result in a fire, radroach or molerat invasion.

You do have optional goals to complete, such as putting out 3 fires, producing 150 power in under a minute, etc. This gives you bonus rewards such as caps or lunchboxes, which operate as treasure chests or loot boxes in the game.

Another important mechanic that adds a challenge to the game is the ability for your vault to be invaded. As you increase your number of rooms, dwellers, and resources, the enemies that attack grow in power. You start with humble mole rats, move to raiders, and then eventually up to deathclaws. The weapons you gather grow in damage as you spend more time journeying in the wasteland and send more powerful dwellers on expeditions, which allows you to dispatch the enemies with relative ease despite the damage that they do to the vault.

Overall, I think that the game has a lot of replayability value and considering that it’s free; it really allows the player to get their metaphorical money’s worth. I wasted many hours playing this game, and encountered very few technical issues. It does suck up a lot of battery life, and had a tendency to make my phone run hot after playing it for only a short period of time. After you build a functional vault, it also tends to lose its luster a little bit. I ended up starting over a few times in order to keep myself engaged, but with the addition of quests, the replayability value increases a great deal.

I would definitely recommend this game to someone with a powerful phone and a lot of memory, but I hesitate to say that it would operate as well on an older smartphone. Either way, Bethesda created a mobile app that engages the player and provides hours of entertainment for free, which in itself is a major accomplishment.


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