Mod Loser Reviews: Lego Star Wars: The Collection!

Hey there, Nasties! It’s Mod Loser, Jackie, or whatever you want to call me!
Today, we’re discussing Lego Star Wars. These two ancient American past times may not seem to go hand in hand; however, the two work fabulously together. Though it may not be one of the most depthy games I’ve ever played, it absolutely is one of the most enjoyable! Enough shooting the breeze about nothing; let’s get into the review!


This information shouldn’t come as a surprise, but lo and behold, Lego games are inherently fun! Mind you, Lego Star Wars helped to pioneer what we know as mainstream Lego games. What we have now with the amazing Lego Batman and Lego Marvel franchises is absolutely stellar, but it all began here.

Simple enough, you have a jump button, a basic attack, 3D motion, and an interact button for the force/gadgets depending on the character. Again, this gameplay isn’t detailed, but the level design was made so that there are multiple branching pathways that can be interacted with uniquely based on various abilities from other characters! This adds immense replay value to the Free Play mode, making it fun to find hidden collectibles and test out other characters you’ve unlocked.

This franchise is also one of the few that still has cheat codes! Invincibility, 10x score, stud magnet, character unlocks, everything you would expect out of a franchise that started on the Playstation 2 and Gamecube era. It lends itself well, allowing for more casual and fun gameplay to those who just want to have a good time. Admittedly, the levels aren’t perfect. The vehicle stages can be a little messy to control, and sometimes there isn’t much conveyance about how to proceed to the end of a level. There’s no shortage of content, though! Every section takes place in episodes 1 through 6, each episode having 6 levels making for 36 stages of fun. Even the boss fights feel intense, usually being near the end of an episode.

All this being said, as simple as it is, there is still a ridiculous amount of fun to be had in the gameplay. Lego Star Wars: The Collection gets an 8.5/10. Simple, fun, and worth enjoying.


I was wowed by the story of this game, but not because it broke new ground or added to the story of the pre-existing movies. No, what I loved about the story was the developer’s ability to tell it despite the clear limitations of their budget and the technology. There’s no voice acting or subtitles at all, however the facial expressions and body language of each character allude to what is happening, and offers a surprisingly accurate summary of the story from the films!

Without watching any of the Star Wars films, you would obtain a very basic understanding of what happened as well as get some chuckles and enjoy the somewhat slapstick humor that comes with creating a game made entirely of Legos. While obviously the game is designed for family fun in mind, so the more gruesome or violent scenes are skimmed over to an extent, which I don’t mind. This is, after all, a Lego game, and a medium for which anyone can enjoy the series. As such, I think it works well!

The story is well told, funny, and best of all, is presented in a way that everybody can enjoy from children, adults, and disabled individuals who have trouble hearing. The story gets a 9/10. I would’ve liked more detailed interactions and voice acting, but the expressions got the job done.

Visual/Audio Art:

If you like the Lego aesthetic from Batman, Marvel, or Pirates of the Caribbean, you’ll love it here. I’ve never seen great Star Wars locations accurately recreated in this way before, and I love it! You might assume that being hampered by Legos would remove detail, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Upscaled to 1080p on my Xbox One made this old Gamecube game look positively gorgeous.

The lighting and force effects are minimalist, yet done just well enough to purvey a sense of power, and the lego recreations of all the iconic Lucas characters are strikingly on point. You could look at any character and recognize them, but what impressed me most of all was General Grievous. That’s right, all four arms and lightsabers were included, and it looks amazing!

The publisher also managed to license the original sound track from the Star Wars movies, meaning that the orchestral songs still play and bring the same old sense of wonder in every single level. I was surprised at how engrossed and invested I was by the music, as well as the unique pieces that played during standard gameplay. It felt like really being in a Star Wars game or watching a movie!

The art shamelessly gets a 10/10. They did great with what was available from the sound design to the graphics and character recreation, as well as a very smooth 30 frames per second.


Want to play with friends online? Want to compete for the best score on the leaderboards? You can! Online co-op is welcome, and having competition to get a high score is fun, if a smidge under utilized. I’ll emphasize again that this is a Lego game, more meant for fun than competition, but it is absolutely an option, and a well done one.

Online multiplayer is great because of course it is. In this generation where online is a staple for every company, you shouldn’t be surprised. However, what I love most is the seamless 4 player couch Co-Op. No frame rate drops, no having to split the screen, just up to 4 people playing a game! It runs smooth, it’s fun as hell, and it’s a great party game for when you and your friends want to have some goofy laughs or fight Darth Vader as R2D2 and a Jawa.

I honestly cannot find a flaw in how this was handled. It was well done, fun, and very player friendly. Online/Multiplayer gets a 10/10.

Final Score:

My final score for Lego Star Wars: The Collection is a 9.5/10. Nearly perfect with really only minor tweaks I would change. This game is hilarious, it has massive amounts of replay value and will have everyone in the room laughing and smiling for hours of gameplay. I highly recommend anyone pick this up for any platform you want, you won’t be disappointed.


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