Free 2 Play: Perfect World International (with Mod Syrup!)

Hey Nasties! This is Mod Syrup bringing you a new segment called Free 2 Play! In this segment we will be bringing you games that are labeled ‘free to play’, but may or may not be pay to win! To start off this segment, I’m going to talk to you guys about Perfect World International (PWI)!

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Perfect World is from the developers Beijing Perfect World and runs through the platform Arc. (If you’re not quite sure what that is, it is like how Blizzard uses to have all their games played and stored through rather than using a platform like Stream). Now that I mentioned Blizzard, if you’re a fan World of Warcraft (or other fantasy MMOs) but you’re on a budget, Perfect World is a game for you to check out!

This game has a level up system and your skills and equipment increase upon level up. The quests are set up as a semi-plot oriented with many optional side quests as well. Leveling up is especially not a hassle and with how the mechanics are, you can easily not play with others. You also are not forced to join a guild if you don’t want to. I know that with World of Warcraft, some of the quests and dungeons get extremely difficult to do alone and almost force you to join a guild. As someone who prefers RPGs and being able to play an MMO by myself, it’s a definite win.

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The art is beyond amazing for a free game. It’s in 3D form just like World of Warcraft, and I was able to play it on basic laptops easily. I was also able to use my gamepad with it like you can with WoW, which is kind of a necessity for me.

Speaking of graphics, should we talk about character creation? Yes. Well there are five races to choose from: Humans, Winged Elves, Untamed, Tideborn, Earthguard, and Nightshade (the last two being the newest races added). Each race has two classes it can choose from. The classes are as followed:

Humans: Blademaster and Wizard
Winged Elves: Cleric and Archer
Untamed: Barbarian and Venomancer
Tideborn: Assassins and Psychics
Earthguard: Seeker and Mystics
Nightshade: Duskblade and Stormbringer

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Of each class, only Untamed’s class is determined by gender. This is not the only aggravating thing that happens with Untamed when referring to gender. As one can guess, Untamed is a beast like race, but the design is DEFINITELY GENDERED BIASED. The male Untamed are humanoid animals (like in Zootopia, or Furries) and the female Untamed are human females with animal ears and tail (like an anime neko). This is extremely aggravating because it only sexualizes the females (as if they didn’t already have a hard time), even when it comes to a beast race.

Another aggravation is that when you’re playing the Untamed and shape-shift, no matter what animal you pick for your humanoid character, the male always shape-shifts into a tiger and the female into a fox. I understand that it’s just the lack of animating it, but I think that’s lazy and they should’v only kept the Untamed to the animals they wished to animate.

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This game is ever changing, much like WoW. And like most games, if you haven’t updated in awhile, it can take before.

But I suppose one of our main questions is: is it pay to win?


Unlike other MMOs I’ve experienced, the part of the game that actually costs currency are from the shops. Also, the special things you can buy are just to make your character have cooler armor or mounts. The mounts can be faster than the free mounts, BUT it doesn’t affect the gameplay or the quests! Since it’s only cosmetic add ons that help the game’s developers get paid, I’m totally okay with it!

So if you’re a fan of MMOs or even of World of Warcraft and can’t pay that bill anymore, Perfect World International is a definite must try! See ya next time!

– Mod Syrup


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