Mobile Monday: Princess Pajama (with Mod Syrup!)

Hey Nasties! Welcome to another Mobile Monday! Today I’m discussing Princess Pajama; a game created by BLUESIDE Inc for iOS devices. It’s a stage RPG side-scroller with an anime-kin art style! Now let’s take out our swords to save this princess!

Graphics wise, this game is completely beautiful. I love the anime style and bright colors. It definitely is visually pleasing, and that’s both in cut scenes and in combat.

You play as a warrior knight guy who is saving Princess Pajama. It’s definitely a common story and as far as I have played, it does not quite give much information besides that. The Hero design is that of the knight, decked in armor. The Princess? Well, she’s in pajamas that can’t protect anything and carries around a pillow.

This is definitely a sad plot that I wish people would avoid. Despite the clothing, they also make Princess Pajama a klutz and she’ll literally trip in the middle of combat if you run too fast. They also give her childlike qualities that are a very overused characteristic for females.

But, they also gave the Hero some qualities that I didn’t particularly like. When he first meets Princess Pajama he literally only comments on her looks and nothing else before taking her through the stages of the dungeon to get her out. Believe it or not, developers, but not all men only care about a woman’s body. So maybe, show them a better example? Thanks.

Now I’m sure you’re wondering: Sarah? If there’s so much wrong with this game, why bring it up? Well, there are some good qualities and that is the gameplay and level up system. (Which is a first time I liked a game for that over a story or characters).

As mentioned before, this is a side scroller type game. The Hero and Princess run across the screen, fighting enemies as they spawn until they get to end and defeat the dungeon. It’s very hack and slash, but there are things that make it more than just tapping.

There is a total of 4 general attacks you can make plus an auto-attack. There are also combos and weapons, like bombs, you can throw at the enemies. You also are able to summon ‘units’ that help you fight.

Now as much hate as I have given on the Princess, she at least is useful in combat by the fact that she gives you status effects and healing. You can also give her equipment that lets you choose what power up you get, but it takes forever to load. Normally she pulls a Donald Duck and never heals you when you need to be healed though. Oh also if the Princess dies, you fail the stage.

At the end of each stage, depending on how well you do, you can open 1 to 3 chests. Also through each stage, you collect gold to buy things at the store. You can buy equipment that gives you certain stats, new units, upgrade your units, or weapons or potions. You also gain EXP as you go through the stage, and if you level up during, it’ll heal you!

Overall this is a decent game and definitely a good game you can play to pass the time. If I was to rate this game, I’d give it a 6.5/10. This game isn’t nearly as good as other games I’ve played, but certainly not the worse.

This has been Mod Syrup with another Mobile Monday and I hope you enjoy the rest of the content for this week!


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