Character Spotlight: Tifa from Final Fantasy VII with Mod Knight!

Hey, Nasties! Mod Knight here with another character spotlight! Continuing on our theme of awesome Final Fantasy girls, I’ve just GOT to talk about Tifa Lockhart. Originating in FF7, Tifa is just and awesome, fun character all around.

Where to even begin with her, well, I feel like the obvious thing to start with is just plain and simple: how badass she is! Even as a young girl she decided to make a journey across a dangerous mountain in an attempt to find her mother. Later on, she not only survived an attack by Sephiroth, but soon after joined the resistance against the Shinra corporation, being the one who brought the protagonist, Cloud, into the group.

Despite not being the leader of the group, Tifa’s motivations for fighting are just as strong as her friends, having suffered through the loss of her father and her hometown. In battle she brings her incredible strength to bear, choosing to fight with her fists rather than a sword or magic. She’s shown to be strong enough to break herself free from industrial restraints in order to save herself and her friends from a gas chamber.

Not to mention she provides much of the emotional support that the party needs to make it through their journey; so much so that she comes off as motherly at times! Unfortunately, she has a tendency to put the needs of others ahead of her own, letting her own problems sit until she’s ready to deal with them. 

Overall, Tifa Lockhart is an excellent, well rounded character who is able to show her strength, and also her weakness without being hurt by her emotional tendencies, rather they go on to make her much more relatable!! I’m glad to have experienced a character like Tifa and hope to see many more like her in the future!

Until then, this is Mod Knight! Thanks for reading!


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