Feminism in Gaming: Male vs Female Design with Mod Syrup!

Hey guys! Mod Syrup here with another article! Today I’m talking about female versus male design!

Over the years, video game character designs have made VERY slow progress to add diversity to character designs. Not only have many games lacked POC or people of the LBGT+ community, they have also put out  only one or two body types for male and female.

Males, especially protagonists and/or main characters, are normally a Superman type of build. Normally buff and normally super handsome and 90% of the time white. And if they are not that, they are normally chubby and an idiot (some are hot and an idiot).

Females are, 99% of the time, characterized as a hot model type female. Normally, they have form fitting and/or revealing clothing. And if they aren’t sexualized, they’re an old woman. Oh, and also normally white.

There are a lot of staples personality wise that are very reused as well. A girl is normally cold or a Mary-Sue. A male is either stupid, has a dark past, or is a Gary-Stu.

Nothing would be inherently wrong with these if they weren’t so overused. There are so many other shapes and types of people out there. Limiting it to one common personality or body type excludes so many other people.

We even have these in character creation games too. Despite giving the illusion of diversity, you still normally have the same body type.

I find Overwatch is a game finally breaking into diversity; but as seen previously on NWG, they still have a long way to go.

Society likes to white-wash and straight-wash everything. If we change it in our media, we can finally change it in our lives.

This has been Mod Syrup and I hope you enjoy what else comes from NWG!


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