Mobile Monday: Tap My Katamari (with Mod Syrup!)

Hey guys! This is Mod Syrup back with another Mobile Monday! This week, I’m talking about a new app I found called Tap My Katamari. This app is from the developers BANDAI NAMCO for both iOS and Android devices.

So I originally decided to download this game because I thought it’d be amazing to have Katamari on the go! Now, in case you haven’t heard of Katamari, the premise of the game is to take these sticky Katamari balls and roll up various objects on Earth to create stars.

Now, clearly, since it’s a mobile app and it’s called Tap My Katamari, the “controls” of the game is to tap the screen to have the Prince of the Kosmos collect things on his Katamari.




At first, I found it to be a simplistic game, quite like Flappy Bird. But as I continued tapping, I didn’t see an objective to the game. Also within maybe 10 minutes of me playing the game, the game crashed. I know it’s not my phone (I play higher power games on it); so that only leaves the game itself.


As you continue gathering stuff, you get coins that help level up your Prince, unlocks cousins, levels up cousins, and also can unlock special skills you can use to aid you.



They also have a Time Challenge that they really don’t clearly tell you what to do. And once it’s over you don’t really get a reward for it either.

After getting to level 11 and stage 8-2 I decided this was a horrible game that brought dishonor to the Katamari games.

The only saving grace of this game is the art style and the music. The music is a happy sound that makes you love to hear it on repeat. The art style is a cute 2D take on the Katamari style. And honestly, that’s the only good things I have to say about this.


I have two suggestions to what I think would improve this game. If the controls were more like Temple Run and for them to make to the object of the game clearer OR have a clear end of each stage.



How it is now, I give it a 2/10. Now excuse me while I get this disgrace off my phone forever.



-Mod Syrup


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