Nasty Discussion: ARMS Testpunch with Mod Loser!

This is Mod Loser, Jackie, whatever you want to call me. And today, I’d like to discuss my first experience with the ARMS Global Testpunch! To explain why this isn’t a video like most discussions, I’m feeling almost as dead the Xbox One’s fanbase after Scalebound got cancelled; but enough self depreciating jokes. I played the Test Punch for an hour and I’ll say this, first impressions were very good.

However, to begin with, the motion controls were not nearly as accurate as they were touting. I found that it played like a more complicated version of Wii Boxing, and as such made it much more difficult to get the Joy-Con to do what I wanted them to do. That being said, the standard control options were fantastic. You could block, curve your punches, jump and dash and use your ultimate ability, all with particularly stunning control and accuracy.

The developers originally stated that you wouldn’t have as much control as someone using the motion controls, but I firmly disagree. In fact, I would suggest to everyone that if they want to play arms competitively, as there is ranked and un-ranked online, stick to the controller.

Speaking of online, the servers are MUCH more stable than the last Splatoon Global Testfire. I was kicked once from a match, and I’m almost convinced it was because my roommates and I were all playing the game at the same time on our various Switches. As far as actual gameplay, what I’ve seen I adore.

One-on-One fights are enjoyable, and the tag team fights as you could imagine are fun, though I feel like physically linking the characters in a tag fight was generally a bad idea. While it was meant to encourage cooperatively gameplay, without communication to your teammate, it would end up very sloppy. I found someone spamming the grab attack killed my and my teammate very consistently if my teammate didn’t try to counter it.

Furthermore, I take issue with the 3-way free for all and the 4-way free for all. Its WAY too easy for two people to team up and kill someone quickly and get them out of the match, while the 4-way free for all is too chaotic to really focus on and have a good experience. I understand it was an attempt to add more depth to the standard fighting gameplay, but instead it only caused frustration.

Volleyball is a very fun mini game mode, but also very chaotic. One-v-One is fun, but Volleyball shines in 2-v-2 (especially if you’re doing couch multiplayer) because it was utter silliness, and beyond enjoyable in that regard. I wouldn’t suggest anyone try Volleyball competitively as it lacks the depth of a straight up fight, but it would make a magnificent party game.

All in all, the Testpunch was not only fun, but I feel like ARMS has some great potential to be a new fighting game that can be taken seriously. Despite the initial pool of 10 characters when the game launches, it will be getting frequent free DLC with new characters, modes, arms, etc. I don’t think the game would be worth 60$ at launch, but it was certainly a good experience. Sorry if this article didn’t have the same punch as the videos! Let’s try to avoid some hand over fist arguments.

All right bad puns aside, take care, Nasties!


One thought on “Nasty Discussion: ARMS Testpunch with Mod Loser!

  1. Got to play some of this over the weekend. It was fun but I don’t know if I will buy it full-price. Switch is killing me with all these $60 games! Everything is $60! I’m hoping they sprinkle in some smaller games, eventually. I starting to resent them haha.


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