Mobile Monday: Agent Aliens with Mod Syrup!

Hey Nasties! Mod Syrup back with another Mobile Monday! This week I’m talking about a game that was released this year by Indigo Gaming called Agent Aliens.

Agent Aliens is a side scroller RPG with a very cute design! The graphics are sleek and colorful, and as for the controls, they give you an option of an analog stick or buttons. I prefer the analog, but you can always change it, even mid-stage! The only downside is that the controls can be moved along your screen. Now,  this can come in handy at points, but most of the time it’s just a nuisance. Why? Because if you lift off the control and tap somewhere, it moves the control there.

Now like most mobile games, there are daily rewards and quests which encourage you to log in and play daily. Aside from the Story Mode, it also has an Endless Mode and a Boss Rush. Unfortunately, you do have to unlock these features. I know Endless Mode is unlocked by the second or third stage of Story Mode. I, one who loves stories, don’t mind; but it could be annoying to others.

Now, as for gameplay? As mentioned, it’s a side scroller. You get through various stages saving your alien friends from scientists. There are various robots that you attack and your bullets automatically lock once you get close enough. Really the biggest strategy to this game I found is to jump and dodge. Focus more on the bullets coming at you. Do remember though that you only attack if you’re facing an enemy.

Now that seems a bit boring but luckily as you continue through each stage, you get power-ups to boost up your character. If you’re in endless mode, they also give you power ups as you complete a certain amount of stages. Each time you have the opportunity to power up, you get 3 different abilities to choose from. You also can upgrade by spending some coins you get in the game!

I find these end up becoming very strategical as you continue throughout the game. It’s a cute game and I haven’t played much of it yet to give a full review. I do enjoy how there’s a certain level that of 1-3 stars that tell you how well you did on each stage in the Story Mode.

First impressions of this game I give it 7/10. It’s a bit too easy for me, but it’s certainly not a bad game! I hate the controls not being stationary and so easily moved, but I definitely don’t find this a bad a game at all! Do check it out! It’s free for both iPhone and Android devices!

-Mod Syrup


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