Feminism in Gaming: Dishonored 2 with Mod Knight!

Hey there, everyone! Mod Knight here with feminism in gaming! Now, I’m going to be returning to one of my favorite games: Dishonored 2. I’ve already reviewed this game, as well as bringing it up in my Top 5: Action RPGs. However, I felt that this game warranted a better look at the feminist side of things! So, let’s jump right in.

The first thing that stands out about the game? A playable female protagonist! Not only is Emily an incredible, strong woman (and empress no less), she’s also a dynamic, well rounded character with a strong personality. One of the best changes in the game was the departure from the silent protagonist, instead letting us learn about the characters themselves as well as the world itself! Not only does Emily stand out for her personality and her dynamic opinions, but also she plays differently from her father. Both characters receive unique powers that change the experience of the game. It allows you to really feel that you’re playing a whole other character!

Now, Emily isn’t the only incredible female character in the game. We see powerful women all through the game. Even the main antagonist is female, which is actually really cool; often we see the “Fated battle between men” fight of good vs evil, but here, we give that sheer excitement to the women of the game!

Of course, not all of the amazing women in the game are fighters. We see major characters who are doctors, captains, bandits, witches and more! The game is filled with variety and a quite impressive array of representation. And speaking of representation I can’t possibly go without mentioning Megan Foster! One of the most prominent characters in the game, the one who takes you to your missions and your first companion through the game, not only is she a woman, a tough one at that. But, she’s also a person of color, and disabled, none of which hampers her ability to serve as an integral part of the story.

Overall, Dishonored 2 seems to have looked at what the people want and made efforts to provide it. With both a detailed world and a unique, diverse cast, Dishonored 2 stands tall in my opinion!


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