Nasty Discussion: Wanted Fate/Extella 2 Characters with Mod Aria!

Mod Aria here! When I reviewed Fate/Extella a couple months ago, I walked away from that game with mixed feelings. I love it dearly, but the game had some aspects that left me wanting.  An example would be the playable characters of it. Since a new game has been announced (along with the promise of additional characters), I’m yet again speculating as to who the new additions of the game could be. So, let’s think about it!

Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if they started pulling characters from both Fate/Grand Order as well as the core visual novel and anime series. Most of the characters in the first Fate/Extella are popular ones from the franchise, as well as the returning cast from Fate/Extra and Fate/Extra CCC. And there were a few from the games that did not appear in Fate/Extella.

Nursery Rhyme, which is hinted at to be some form of Alice and Wonderland, did not appear. Neither did the Lancer Vlad the Impaler. Because of their appearance in the previous installments, I believe that they have a chance to be introduced. However, my gut just tells me that it’s not very likely. I personally think that popularity will win over continuity.

If my assumptions are correct, I think that characters from Fate/Stay Night and Fate/Zero do have a chance. Berserker Heracles, Caster Medea and Assassin Sasaki Kojiro from FSN would not only be really fun additions to the game, but I could see a lot of people enjoying them. From Fate/Zero, Assassin Hassan, Berserker Lancelot and Lancer Diarmuid Ua Duibhne are missing from Fate/Extella. Though, I personally think that Lancelot would be the most fun to play as (I love Diarmuid though; he’s the best).

From Fate/Grand Order, the incredibly popular mobile app that is being released in the west this July, I think the Lancer Scathach and Saber Souji Okita and the original character Shielder Mashu would be a fun addition in regards to the ladies. For the men, I think Caster Merlin and Rider Ozymandias (though Ozy is technically from Fate/Prototype first) would be the safest bet. All four of these characters are fairly popular with the players and have some really unique abilities that would make a warriors-style game like Fate/Extella even more fun to play.

As for other works, since the Fate/Apocrypha anime is looming, perhaps the addition of Assassin Jack the Ripper or Saber Mordred is also plausible? I suppose this suggestion is more of a wild card. Nonetheless, I think Fate/Extella has the potential to be another fun facet of Type-Moon’s Fate franchise. The game is dropping soon for Nintendo Switch, so I highly recommend checking it out if possible! I’m excited to see what else they can bring to an already fun game. Hopefully, it’ll be more detailed stories for some of the male characters in the series? I can always dream, right?

Thanks for reading this article, and please continue to support NWG. Have a great day!


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