Mobile Monday: 10 Billion Wives with Mod Knight!

Hey everyone! Mod Knight here with Mobile Monday, and I’m here to discuss a game called 10 Billion Wives, in which your goal is to marry ALL the wives you can…

Now this sounds like a heaping, sexist disaster doesn’t it?

Well, surprisingly enough, the game avoids being gross extremely well, and is in fact really adorable! While the premise is certainly silly, it’s treated with just the right touch of both seriousness and comedy.

The game mechanics themselves are actually really simple, it’s your basic casual clicker game that lets you earn without actively playing the game. The basic idea is that tapping the screen earns you “Love” which is used to unlock and upgrade your wives, as well as buy them gifts.

As you upgrade them, your wives will begin to generate “Love” passively for you; the more you upgrade, the higher the number will climb. The game puts a lot of emphasis on you being good and loving to your wives despite their sheer numbers, so it’s extremely cute~!

In addition to upgrades, there are a good number of wives to unlock, each with a different gift item you can purchase as well. Each wife gives you more love at the start then the last, so they’re a great investment to gain levels quickly! Leveling them up high enough results in unlocking a Secret character art for each wife. Now, I wont spoil too much since this part of the game is the real reward portion. The art is nice and well drawn without being the gross kind of art you might expect from a game like this! In fact almost all of the pictures are cute and charming, giving you a glimpse of said wife’s personality, with only one or two being remotely suggestive.

This game also now has a sequel: 20 Billion Wives, which I have yet to get a look at! And also a spin-off called 10 Billion Husbands! As far as mobile games go, this one is simple and good if you want a lighthearted distraction and something that keeps going without you there. And if you enjoy making cute girls happy, this may be the game for you!


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