Free 2 Play: The Old Republic with Mod Loser!

Welcome back to Free 2 Play with Mod Loser, Jackie, whatever you want to call me! Today, we’re discussing Star Wars: The Old Republic. This game is free to play, but you can pay for a “Premium” service! We’re not going to discuss the premium service though, we’re discussing how the game plays for someone on a budget and wants a free game experience!

Unfortunately for you all, this game is absolutely terrible when played freely. There are many Free-To-Play MMO’s out there, and each of them have various amounts of Microtransactions and subscription begging, but The Old Republic takes this to an entirely new level. The hostility towards the player begins immediately, as in the starting zones, you are limited to how many quest rewards you can actually obtain. If you have too many in your inventory, you either have to throw away or sell your old rewards, or subscribe to the monthly cost.

If you have the credits to purchase an in game mount or speeder, you are disallowed from riding it unless you have a subscription, which makes exploring and moving from place to place astronomically more difficult and time consuming. The player hostility continues as you are disallowed from entering a party, adding friends, or communicating with other players unless you have paid for a subscription.

Now, World of Warcraft does this similarly, but they call this a “Demo.” You can get a character to Level 20 and experience the base game, and as such a Demo limits how much you can do. That makes sense. However, when the Old Republic markets itself as an entirely free to play game while being completely hostile to players, begging them to spend any modicum of money on mounts and cosmetics they can’t use, or demanding a subscription for the most basic functions in a multiplayer game, it comes across as desperate and poorly made. To be blunt, that is exactly what The Old Republic’s free to play model is. Hostile to players, money grubbing, and it can ruin the experience of the main game. Is anybody surprised that this is published by EA?

My concluding statement: Run Away. Don’t even try this game unless you want to burn money to make it actually playable. I’ve heard that with a subscription its a very competent MMO, although I personally can’t recommend it.

Thank you for reading, Nasties, I’ll see you next time!


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