Top 5 Best: Dark Souls Characters with Mod Loser!

Hey there Nasties! It’s Mod Loser, Jackie, whatever you want to call me. And much to nobody’s surprise, I’m still ranting about the Dark Souls franchise! There are characters I absolutely adore from all three games, but today I’m going to try and narrow it down to my Top 5 Favorites. Shall we get started?

#5: Gwyndolin

I love Gwyndolin because she’s great trans representation in the culture that have commonly used gender neutral terms. What puts Gwyndolin low on this list for me personally is the way the community interacts around her. The constant sexualization of the “Trap” idea in regards to trans women or non-binary and/or androgynous people is absolutely disgusting. And hearing characters in the localized version of the game call Gwyndolin “he” is depressing. All in all, a character that should make me feel utter glee ends up instead making me feel dysphoric because of bad localization and an even worse community.

#4: Patches

Oh, Patches, you sick undead. I love Patches not because he’s a great character or because he is particularly kind, but he’s one of From Software’s memes. Patches shows up in almost every game they make, and every time he’s a complete scoundrel that tricks you into nearly dying on multiple occasions. But in Dark Souls 3, the storyline behind Patches, Greirat, and Lapp was tear jerking, truth be told. I adore Patches, and being able to summon him for a boss as well as giving him multiple, humanizing quest lines in Souls 3 cemented him as one of my favorites.

#3: Andre of Astora

The blacksmith that survived through the ages and will always keep coming back to help you save the world, or end it. I love Andre purely from a nostalgic point of view, which I’m willing to admit. The idea that Andre has survived so many linkings of the fire is amazing; not to mention him guarding the crest of Artorias in Dark Souls 1 always made me feel like he was innately sympathetic and caring. As a character he doesn’t have much depth, but seeing Andre always brings a smile to my face and makes me feel safe.

#2: Artorias the Abyss Walker

We’ve only interacted with Artorias once (and that was in a boss-fight where he had absolutely no dialogue). The stories of Artorias are told all through Dark Souls 1, and the Abyss Watchers in Souls 3 dedicated their undead lives to hunting down creatures of the abyss and keeping them at bay in honor of Arty’s sacrifice. The lore surrounding Gwyn’s most powerful knight was enough for him to make this list, but he also has an amazing boss-fight and some amazing gear to use. Artorias was a poetic, tragic character and finally giving him an honorable death in Souls 1’s DLC felt like closure for me as a player.

#1: Solaire

Pretend you didn’t see this coming, but I love Solaire for a wide variety of reasons. Primarily, the fact that Solaire is a constant force of positivity throughout the entire game, acting like a beacon of light through your dark journey. My metaphor is pretty literal given the sunbro covenant, but Solaire also is the only NPC that consistently shows up to help you through otherwise bullshit battles like Ornstein and Smough.

Further still, during Anor Londo, Solaire suggests that the two of you have feelings for each other, and if you play a male character this means that Solaire is interested in a gay relationship. This means that, by nature, Solaire is either Bisexual, Pansexual, or Demisexual as he says the same dialogue to female characters. It may have been a bit of a lazy oversight originally, but instead it came out as making the most loved, positive character in dark souls a canon member of the LGBTQA+ Community.

These are my favorite characters in the souls franchise, but I’d love to hear yours! Tell us in the comments below what characters you loved from Dark Souls!

This is Mod Loser, signing off.


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