Nasty Announcement for…An Announcement?

Hey guys! Mod Aria here. As you have been made aware, we have recently lost Mod Syrup as a contributor and partner for NWG. We are sad to see her go, but wish her happiness and good luck on all her future endeavors!

That being said, NWG is about to jump into some really serious changes. However, as we want to talk in detail about theses changes, we are preparing to announce what those changes are in video form. And as we want to make double sure of these decisions, we are currently discussing and prepping for these potential changes.

Because of this, our content this week will be limited to one post a day. And our announcement video will be posted somewhere between Friday and Sunday at the end of this week. So stay tuned for this weekend.

TL;DR: NWG is about to make some changes, but prep for those changes has caused us to be quite busy. Content will be minimized this week with an eventual update video sometime this weekend.

Thanks so much to our followers and supporters, and please continue to cheer on NWG!


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