Character Spotlight: Valentine from Skullgirls with Mod Knight!

Hey there, everybody! Mod Knight here with another Character Spotlight!! This time, I’m discussing Valentine from Skullgirls. Now, if you recall, I did an article on Skullgirls a while back, and I’m excited to go into it again. Especially talking about one of my favorite characters in the game! Just a warning: spoilers will follow!

Now, what makes Valentine such an interesting character? Well, honestly, a lot of it revolves around the fact that she’s smack dab in the middle of the majority of the game’s stories; often appearing throughout the story of certain characters and usually serving as half of the penultimate battle (usually paired up with Double.) This means that there’s lots of information about her and that we get a lot of opportunities to learn about her!

So, one thing that stands out about her is her skill in playing all sides as she sees fit despite coming off as one of the bad guys. She actually places herself in danger to get closer to the main antagonist, hoping for a chance to strike at her and, ultimately, those who are controlling her! Not only that, but her own story shows us why, as in her backstory we learn about the loss she suffered at the hands of the antagonist and how her friends were taken from her.

Despite this, Valentine still shows a darker side to her personality, implying that it is not entirely an act. She also works with another, semi villainous character (Brain Drain) completely seriously, helping him control his subjects whom he’s tortured and experimented on as well as mocking them during battle.

In addition to her personality, Valentine is one of the most provocatively designed characters in the game, with extremely visible cleavage, and an extremely tight, short outfit. She comes of as being obviously sexualized. However, thankfully she, and many other similarly designed characters, own their sexualities! They don’t allow you to see them as weak or helpless, and their personalities definitely match up, showing that they are the type to dress for themselves…or to get something they want. All in all, they are totally in control of themselves. Not only that, but her feminine sexuality and appearance are never vilified by the game, instead focusing on the actually cruel aspects of her personality when making a villain of her.

Overall, Valentine is an extremely fun and heartfelt villain character who moves you with her story while at the same time providing an example of harshness that you rarely get to see from female antagonists! That’s part of why I love her and am glad to have played the game!

Thanks for reading this has been Mod Knight!


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