Character Spotlight: Chrom from Fire Emblem with Mod Aria!

Mod Aria’s back! For this Character Spotlight, I’ve decided to cave to temptation and write yet again about one of my many video game loves. This time around, I’m indulging my love for Fire Emblem. Particularly for my favorite Fire Emblem, Awakening. And as you may have guessed and noticed, I fall in line with many a gamer; there is no character in that game I love more than Prince Chrom. Light Spoilers follow!

Though I am certain everyone is absolutely tired of hearing about him. But can you really blame us? Why would we stop talking about Chrom when there is so much to love about him?

The first thing that made me love Chrom was his display of kindness and trust. Despite the fact that when Chrom first meets Robin/the player unit, he doesn’t consider even for a moment that they could be anything but a person in need. While this can be a flaw (especially according to Frederick), I have the opinion that approaching people with an open hand should be how we treat others. Praising altruism instead of blaming others for being wary is such a positive mindset, and I feel like Chrom embodies this. It’s easy to see why; his sister’s Lissa and Em are also as kindhearted as he. 

Not only is Chrom trusting, but he is also fiercely loyal. He makes it quite clear that he will fight and die for/with his Shepherds, and that makes Chrom an excellent leader and friend. People so often rally behind someone who is devoted to their people and a just cause, and Chrom is no exception. Respecting his cohorts is integral to him. And he respects them regardless of their gender or nationality. Acceptance is something he gives willingly, and that is a good trait. He is loved by his people because of his faith and fidelity. And for his dedication to repelling his enemies.


I think that an underappreciated trait about Chrom that some people seem to forget is that he is witty and understands when he’s being made fun of. He can dish out clever retorts just like the rest of the cast. But I understand why that part of him might be overlooked, as his steadfast love for his country as well as his awkwardness in regards to romance are more prominent features. Especially if the player enters an S Rank support with Chrom. 

Speaking of Chrom’s S Rank, while I feel like it could have been a bit more emotionally charged, I still think I enjoyed it the most of all the available S Ranks for a Female Robin. In addition, I think that having Chrom marry Robin really helps tie in the plot together. Since Robin is kind of tossed to the wayside for most of the story of Awakening (other than the end and being Chrom’s tactician), I feel like tying Robin in with Chrom and Lucina helps make Robin really stand out from the rest of the crowd. But shipping aside, I think we can all agree that Chrom and Robin make a terrific partners (whether it be platonic or romantic; pick your poison). 

Regardless of your interpretation, I think Chrom is a character we can all (hopefully) agree is certainly beneficial to the Fire Emblem Awakening and a fan favorite of the series as a whole.

I’m thrilled to have Chrom in Fire Emblem Warriors, Heroes and the other titles in which he has appeared (except for Super Smash Bros. of course). I can only hope that he is included in even more Fire Emblem spinoffs and titles.

Thanks for reading this article, and please continue to support NWG. Until next time!

–Mod Aria/Sam


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