Mod Aria’s Most Anticipated August Game Releases!

Mod Aria’s back! It’s that time of the month; where I divulge into some great new upcoming titles for all gamers to check out! We’re still pretty deep into the dry season of gaming, but that certainly does not mean you have to wait for fall to play some awesome new video games!

Let’s see what’s in store:

Game Number 1: Agents of Mayhem 

Agents of Mayhem is a new action adventure game created by the developers and publishers of the Saints Row series. The game is set in a futuristic Korea and is considered a spin-off to the original Saints Row games. Like the Saints Row games, Agents of Mayhem will be an open world experience with a ton of quirk to it.

There are twelve playable unique characters that the player can select to take on the various missions in the game. All have power sets and abilities individual to them, so it’ll be fun to make your own perfect team. However, the characters must be unlocked via completing specific missions. But there is also a campaign for the player to follow, as well as missions for the player to learn more about each playable character. This sounds like Deep Silver’s attempt to make something similar to Overwatch, but possibly a bit more funny.

Honestly, we love the Saints Row games here at NWG, so we have a lot of faith in a spin-off game developed and published by the same team. The game is bound to be quite hilarious as well as interesting. Since the logo for M.A.Y.H.E.M also resembles the Saints Row symbol, I’m certain there are bound to be tons of references to the franchise within Agents of Mayhem. Any Saints Row fan should definitely give this game a chance.

Agents of Mayhem drops for Xbox One, PS4 and PC on August 15th in North America

Game Number 2: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle 

The next large Nintendo title after Splatoon 2, and a game that literally no one could have predicted. Nintendo teams up with unlikely partner Ubisoft to create a fusion of Mario and the popular Rabbids from the Rayman series. What exactly is this game?

Mario Rabbids (as I call it) is a turn based RPG, and is the closest thing we’ve gotten to a traditional Mario RPG in quite some time. The game is also tactical, so using the environment in combat is essential. Mario is also not the only character from his franchise to appear; Yoshi, Peach and Luigi team up with some Rabbids to fix the mess that resulted in the merging of their dimensions. This is certainly not a paragraph I ever thought I would be writing, but after last year, nothing really surprises me anymore.

A fun feature in this game is that it’s got local co-op, which means its a good game for the kids to finish out the summer playing before being carted back to school. If you’re not that young, you might just enjoy the wackiness of Mario meeting the Rabbids. Or maybe you’re waiting for Super Mario Odyssey to come out and you need your Mario fix. Regardless, I definitely think this game is worth a shot. Despite the wary feedback, I usually have faith in Nintendo to produce something great. I’ll give Mario Rabbids the benefit of the doubt for now.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle releases world wide for Nintendo Switch on August 29th.

Game Number 3: Sonic Mania

This is one of the most anticipated games of this year, and for a good reason. Sega has teamed up with indie devs Headcannon and PagodaWest games to celebrate Sonic’s 25th birthday by releasing Sonic Mania, both a remake and a remaster at the same time.

Sonic Mania is a remastered version of the Genesis Sonic titles; these titles are heralded as the best installments that the Sonic franchise ever had. Not only have all the old Sonic games been remastered for current generation consoles, but new stages have been developed for the game as well. It’s quite clear that these games have been giving a lot of care and attention, as the developers were brought onto the project due to their work on fan-made Sonic mods.

The gameplay of the Sonic Genesis titles has been preserved, so there shouldn’t be anything too surprising about the game. There have been some new enemy additions alongside the new levels, and some of the new levels are actually redone levels from previous Sonic games to fit the atmosphere. Many, I’m sure, think that Sonic Mania will be the full revival of the 2D Sonic games, and I cannot say I disagree. In comparison to the mediocrity of the 3D Sonic titles, this is the first Sonic game that I have seen the community actually excited for in so long.

This game along with Sonic Forces, the next 3D Sonic, were both teased last year; I’m uncertain of which one will end up getting a thumbs up from both critics and gamers. While 2D Sonic games are highly praised, will Sonic Mania be able to recapture the magic like so many other companies have tried and failed to do? Will Sonic Forces be yet another disappointment added to the pile of 3D Sonics? Who can say? But I’m very interested to find out what happens.

Sonic Mania releases for Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC on August 15th in North America.

And this list is complete! That’s all for August. Did I get the game you were hyped for, or did I miss it? Let us know which games you’re looking forward to. And please continue to support NWG. Have a great day!


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