Free 2 Play: DBZ Dokkan Battle with Mod Loser!

Hey there, Nasties! It’s Mod Loser, Jackie, whatever you want to call me! I thought that, given this past week was the Super Saiyan 4 event for Dokkan Battle, it would be the perfect opportunity to discuss one of my favorite gatcha games. A gatcha mobile game involves using items earned through a game in an attempt to obtain rare characters for which to play through the story! That being said, most games of this type are from large franchises: Final Fantasy, Tales Of, Dragon Ball, Fate Stay/Night, Fire Emblem, you get the picture.

However, I find one of my favorites (for the most part) is Dokkan Battle. The gameplay involves matching colored orbs with a character whose type matches the color to form better combos, with certain colors doing more damage to the others. This is very standard for a gatcha game, and is the core mechanic. The story of Dokkan involves Trunks making wishes to Shenron to summon heroes of various times to help him set the timeline straight, (Just like every other DBZ game lately.)

That being said, its very satisfying to utterly destroy Frieza using a team that consists of Ultimate Gohan, Kid Buu, Goku Black, and Broly. The story gets frequent expansions and given the depth of the Dragon Ball Universe; there are multiple versions of every character so that you have plenty of opportunities for customization. However, the amount of Dragon Stones (the items you need to summon characters) required can be ridiculous. You need 50 to summon ten characters with a guaranteed Super Rare (The Max being Super Super Rare or SSR) and you get one stone per completed quest.

A quest involves moving around a board after spending your energy points, then fighting a boss and or other smaller enemies.  The story is MASSIVE and after almost forty hours of play; I still haven’t completed it. Each mission has three difficulties, and completing it on one difficulty gets you a dragon stone. You can spend real money on dragon stones, which are not terribly priced, to summon more characters.

Like every other Gatcha, there are events and event characters which are nearly impossible to get during their event, but get high rate ups during the next event. For example, while spending all 240 of the free dragon stones I was given by Dokkan, I got Vegito, Vegito Super Saiyan Blue, Goku Black, and Goku Black Rose, but not a single Super Saiyan 4. That can be frustrating, knowing that you’ll have to wait for the next event for a good chance for the characters you want, but at least the game can be somewhat predictable in that regard.

All in all, Dokkan is a fun game and definitely a good time sink for Dragon Ball fans, but non fans won’t find anything here they can’t get somewhere else. Thanks for reading, nasties!

This has been Mod Loser, Jackie, whatever you want to call me, signing off!


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