Top 5 Best: Ultimate Weapons with Mod Knight!

Hey everyone, Mod Knight here with another Top 5! Weapons, where would our heroes be without them? Luke Skywalker with his lightsaber, Harry Potter with his wand, Lara Croft with her guns! Every hero has something that helps them stand against the forces of evil! But some weapons stand a cut above the rest, so lets count down my picks for the top five Ultimate Weapons in video games.

#5- Edea’s Fists (Bravely Default)

While not technically a proper weapon, by sheer numbers the strongest “equipment” You can have in the game is created by using the monk’s “Natural Talent” and “Knuckle Lore” Skills, and with Edea’s naturally high strength, equipping her with the skills and placing her in the pirate class creates a physical attack modifier that goes far beyond any weapon in the game! Honestly, this would be much higher on the list if it weren’t for the fact that when using this combination, you cant benefit from armor at all, meaning that you trade defense for power.

#4- Dawnbreaker (Skyrim)

There’s a lot of weapons in Skyrim which could compete for the title of “Ultimate.” However, my vote falls to the Dawnbreaker, this holy relic of the sun is great against the undead, and there’s NO shortage of the undead in Skyrim. So having the power to create huge, zombie and vampire repelling explosions (plus extra fire damage) makes the Dawnbreaker ideal in most situations!

#3- Ultima Weapon (Kingdom Hearts 2)

There have been several incarnations of the Ultima Weapon throughout the Kindgom Hearts and Final Fantasy series; however, overall, this is my favorite one! Requiring you to gather rare materials across the various worlds in the game, this weapon is definitely worth the effort; it has a huge boost to both your magical and melee power, plus providing an ability that makes your MP regenerate 75% faster!

#2-Master Sword (Breath of the Wild)

Of course, one of the most iconic weapons in gaming would make this list, and the incarnation of it Breath of The Wild is especially great! It serves as an endlessly regenerating weapon in a game where every weapon breaks. Not only that, but it’s power DOUBLES when fighting against bosses and corrupted foes! It’s especially cool considering that it isn’t actually necessary to complete the game.

#1- Master ( Kirby & The Amazing Mirror)

Kirby games are known for their fun, quirky style and neat powers, and none shines quite like the Master power! This weapon is obtained from Meta Knight during the final boss battle, and can be used afterward by going to the main area. This is an especially cool ability because it can be used on any puzzle, breaking through tough blocks, smashing down pins and more, there’s nothing the Master cant do!!

Top 5 Favorite Heroines (With Mod Syrup!)

Hey Nasties! Mod Syrup is back with another Top 5! Normally, we do Top 5 Best and Worst of a topic, but unfortunately, out of the games I’ve played, there isn’t a lot of Heroines to choose from. So I’ll just be bringing you my Top 5 Best!

Now it took me a bit before I decided what I wanted my list to be. But I think I have it figured out (for now).


Number 5: Lightning (Final Fantasy XIII)

Now, I feel a lot of hate has been oriented around this character. And I definitely understand it, (as I wrote in an article here); but I do identify her as one of my favorite heroines (out of the slim pickings I had). Now why do I? Well, first, I’m judging her purely after the first game since that’s all I’ve seen her in personally. To me, she’s a super badass and isn’t sexualized, which is nice. She also copes with depression of losing her sister and goes from a cold-hearted loner to one who wishes to aid her companions. This is amazing growth for me. Then, like mentioned before, I enjoy the fact that she’s able to hold her own. She’s a skilled soldier who also learns to summon an Eidolon, Odin, and use it in combat. Her design is beautiful, and I was super bummed when I found out she’s almost a carbon copy of Cloud from Final Fantasy VII. I felt we deserved better from Square Enix.


Number 4: Lyn (Fire Emblem)

So I just recently finished Lyn’s saga on Fire Emblem and I’m super hyped when I saw it’s possible for her to return in Eliwood’s story. When I first met Lyn, she seemed badass. I found out she was a princess, and I was super worried she’d fall into the trope that all princesses are damsels in distress. I was quite glad to find out she still held her own and LED the group all the way to Caelin. She easily took a place in my heart as one of my favorite heroines but came lower on the list because she felt a little flat to me. Lyn seemed to have a fire in her soul from her tribe and showed that even more so when she met Sain. Sain tried to hit on her with things he seemed to use on many girls, she quickly shot him down. As the journey went on, she let almost anyone who wanted to join her group join. She seemed to have no real anger in herself, even when she fought her grand-uncle. But, I did love her enough to think she deserved a longer story and it’s unfortunate that her whole story was the tutorial mode for this game.


Number 3: Zelda (Breath of the Wild)

Honestly, you guys should have expected this incarnation of Zelda to be on my list. Now, why is this Zelda on it and not Sheik since Sheik beat her on my Top 5 Zeldas? (You can read that here). Well, even though we mainly see Zelda in flashbacks, knowing the fact that Zelda has been holding Ganon off for 100 years blows me out of the water. She’s the first Zelda to explicitly show that she wanted to be the one to save Hyrule. She wanted to be the one to pull the Master Sword. She led the champions of each of the races. She was the tech-wiz on the Sheikah Slate. Zelda was more active up front than Sheik was. Not to mention, the original Sheik felt she had to hide the fact she was a female whereas this Zelda was proud to be the Princess of Hyrule and to fight against Ganon. (Not that I don’t love Zelda in drag as I showed in my recent article). So even though I prefer the bruttness of Sheik personality wise; heroine wise, I prefer Zelda from Breath of the Wild.


Number 2: Yuna (Final Fantasy X/Final Fantasy X-2)

There are not enough words in the English language that can accurately express my love for this game, but I’ll do my best to express how much I love Yuna. Yuna is one of the characters that shows the most growth in these two games (especially if you get the Sad or Perfect Ending in FFX-2). When you meet Yuna, she’s a shy summoner that never spoke her mind. She always did what she wanted for the people of Spira and did not even show how scared she was of dying to defeat Sin. Through her journey and aid of her friends, particularly Rikku and Tidus, she comes to realize her life is a lot more important. With help of her friends, she defeats Sin so he does not ever come to hurt Spira again.

In Final Fantasy X-2, you still have that sweet girl you originally had; but she’s not shy. She’s not afraid to speak her mind, even if she does it in a sweet way. Yuna holds onto her new found strength she had from her previous journey and is proud to be who she is.

Did I mention that even after she was no longer a summoner, she learned how to use guns? Yeah. She’s a gunner in X-2. Then, with the use of dresspheres, she also has skills of a swordsman, a thief, a mage, and more. Yuna is a poster child of being cute, acting sweet, and kicking ass! I love her so much.


Number 1: Alice (Alice Madness Returns)

Oh god. This game. It’s frustrating because I’m trying to do every mini-game thing, but god is it amazing. This girl has so many psychological issues and going with her on her journey to fight her demons is AMAZING. She solves problems, throws shade, and kicks ass.

I love how this is a heroine that’s not all smiles. She feels happiness, shows anger, shows depression. She’s not a cookie cutter which is very refreshing.

And above all, through ALL of her outfits in the game, none of them are sexualized. And that alone makes me extremely happy. All of these characters up to Alice have been sexualized by the developers to some extent. But Alice, Alice made it through.

This has been Mod Syrup and I hope you enjoyed my Top 5 Favorite Heroines! I’ll see you in my next article and enjoy the rest of the content from NWG this week!

Top 5 Best and Worst: Zeldas with Mod Syrup!

Hey guys! Mod Syrup back with another Top 5 and still obsessing over The Legend of Zelda. I suppose one of these days I’ll write an article that doesn’t involve this game, but that day is not today!! So today I will be discussing my Top 5 Best and Worst depictions of Princess Zelda! Now, Let’s dive in!!!!

On my last Top 5 (which you can read here) I spoke of my Top 5 Worst then my Top 5 Best. I personally like that style because it’s organized, but if you guys prefer another way, lemme know!

Top 5 Worst:


  • Number 5: Twilight Princess Zelda


Image result for twilight princess zelda png

So the least worst out of my Top 5 Worst Zeldas is Twilight Princess Zelda. Okay, for the longest time, I had adored TP Zelda, but as I started becoming more analytical from being apart of NWG, I started loving her less and less.

Originally, I found her badass. She was in a darker game of The Zelda Franchise and since I completely adore Majora’s Mask, I was pretty hype to see Zelda in a dark game since she wasn’t in Majora’s Mask.

So when I played it when I was younger, I loved Zelda. But now that I look back on it, TP Zelda is very flat.

In fact,  it’s implied by the takeover of Zant that Zelda is trained since she is holding a sword. But, as soon as Zant barges into the throne room, you see Zelda just drop her sword and give up.

This is beyond aggravating! Zelda has, time and time again in the lore, been said to be a skilled magician. And it’s heavily implied that she also (at least) has basic skills with a sword, and they just have her give up without a fight.

Like, Zant could take over, but I wish they would’ve had Zelda put up a fight.

Furthermore, she stays locked in a tower for the majority if not ALL of the game while Midna and Link save the day. Like no thank you. I would prefer a Princess that fights to the end for her kingdom, not one that gives up as times get hard.


  • Number 4: Wind Waker Zelda


Image result for wind waker princess zelda png

I consider Tetra and Zelda to be completely separate people in this game based purely on the fact of how different they act from each other. Clearly, Tetra is a pirate captain and has fought and sailed the sea.

So please, please tell me why when she found out she was a princess she gets captured by Ganon and doesn’t try to fight and escape!

Like, it’s ridiculous that they build Tetra up so much, then as soon as she’s labeled “princess” and put into a dress, she suddenly becomes a DAMSEL IN DISTRESS! UGHHHHHHHHHH! 

Okay, I’m continuing this before this rant continues.


  • Number 3: Link Between Worlds Zelda


Image result for link between worlds princess zelda png

So yes, Zelda is a sage. But she just gets stuck into a painting for about the whole game right? I think she gives you a pendant or the Triforce and just gets trapped in a painting. Like. God. At least WW Zelda and TP Zelda kind of did something? Ugh.

I’ll be real, I haven’t completed the game and it’s been awhile since I have played it, but I’m 90% sure that’s what happens, but hey, I could be wrong. To be frank, I just needed someone to make this 5 annnnnd so I put her in here.



  • Number 2: Ocarina of Time Zelda


Image result for ocarina of time princess zelda png

Ohboi. So, let’s start here. Yes, there clearly similarities between my beef with OoT Zelda with the WW Zelda. But I have further annoyances since Tetra/WW Zelda is like a child I’m pretty sure?

OoT Zelda was kidnapped as a child, but (spoiler alert) escapes and ends up training herself, successfully staying hidden and spying on Ganondorf for years.

THEN, as soon as she is seen as Princess Zelda again, she is (spoiler alert) trapped in a crystal and held captive by Ganon once again. Just ugh. No thank you.


  • Number 1: Spirit Tracks Zelda


File:Ghost Zelda.png

OHMYGOD THIS FUCKING ZELDA! God! I loathe her so much. Okay, many fans of the Zelda Franchise hate this game, but I can be fair; I enjoyed most of the gameplay, including the train. Given, I haven’t played it in years. But one thing that is burned into my mind is how fucking annoying Ghost Zelda is. She’s a whiny brat and is a PURE DISGRACE of EVERYTHING ZELDA HAS BEEN.

Like, if I had the time and energy, I’d write a whole paper on how horrible she is. But, we’re just going to carry on.

Okay, I did the hard part for me. I hate pointing out flaws to the games I love, but it’s best to acknowledge them rather than live in clouded nostalgia. So now, I will go onto my favorite part where I hype about all the good!

Top 5 Best:


  • Number 5: Skyward Sword Zelda

Image result for skyward sword princess zelda png

Okay. I can already hear a lot of people disagreeing with me since this is one of the MOST HATED GAMES in the Zelda Franchise. And it has been seen as the worst 3D Zelda of all time. But hear me out alright?

First of all, this is the first time I had personally seen Zelda depicted as Link’s best friend. I know it was done prior in Minish Cap, but I honestly didn’t find that out until the Zelda Mash Up we did. So keep that in mind as I continue.

Now up to this point I had played Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, Twilight Princess, and some of Wind Waker. So I was in love with how much SS Zelda had emotion, was adorable, but also didn’t take shit! She stood up for Link against Groose and didn’t let her dad tell her what to do either.

But, there’s a reason she’s on the lower tier of my Best List. With further examination of her, her personality is literally a copy and paste from Ilia from Twilight Princess, only made to Zelda.

Best friend.

Can-do attitude.

Doesn’t put up with shit. 

And is kidnapped. 

Given, she’s saved by Impa. But god, I wish, I wish they would’ve used this as a way to bring back Sheik. Seriously, other fans made tons of fan art of a SS Sheik! GOD, WHY DIDN’T THEY DO THAT? 

So, as much as I hold her higher than the previous Zeldas mentioned (because of her emotions compared to them), in the end she’s just another Zelda that needs to be saved by Link.


  • Number 4: Hyrule Warriors Zelda

Image result for hyrule warriors princess zelda png

God. God. I wish, wish this game was considered canon. But it will always be canon in my heart. ❤

Anyways! I love this depiction of Zelda. She fights like a badass with Light Arrows, her magic, and her sword. It’s beautiful because you haven’t seen Zelda be able to show her powers since Smash Bros Melee?

And on this one we see a story, her as a princess, and one of the key points of aiding Link.



  • Number 3: Breath of the Wild Zelda


Now, I haven’t played it all the way through, clearly. But, God, I can already tell that this Zelda is one of my favorites. Right now, she’s at the 3rd level until I complete the game. But here are reasons as to why she’s in my Best List: 


Like, Hyrule Warriors Zelda had shorts. 


Okay, furthermore, (spoiler alert) she knows the Sheikah tablet like the back of her hand and she has been single-handedly keeping Ganon back for 100 years. Like, she’s showing she’s powerful and can hold back Ganon. The only thing that could make her better would be the fact that she defeated Ganon by herself.

Right now, she’s level 3, but I expect her to move up (hopefully) by the time I finish the game.


  • Number 2: Tetra

Image result for tetra princess zelda

Now yes, some people would prefer her to be top, and don’t get me wrong! She’s a badass. I love her. She’s a pirate captain, she’s sailed the sea, and despite seemingly being a child, she has grown men doing as she tells them to do.

She’s witty, cocky, and reminds me a lot of Midna. She thought Link was an idiot for wanting to join them and constantly toys with him. I just wish she did a bit more in Wind Waker. That would’ve been lovely.


  • Number 1: Sheik

Image result for sheik princess zelda png



I love her soooo much. Originally in Ocarina, Sheik is a cross-dressing Zelda. She’s literally a Drag King. Like OH MY GOD. THAT’S BEAUTIFUL.

And then you bring in the manga that adds on more lore to the Sheikah tribe. And in Hyrule Warriors, where Sheik is depicted as a badass girl where she’s just using the Goddess Harp and has wonderful lightning and light magic and god I love her.

Character design, gorgeous in all ways.

Both Drag King in OoT and a badass female in Hyrule Warriors and other media.

TO ME, Sheik takes the cake for the BEST depiction of Zelda of ALL time. I’m not sure if ANYONE will be able to top that!

So I hope you enjoyed my Top 5 Best and Worst Zeldas! This has been Mod Syrup and I hope you enjoy the rest of the articles coming from NWG! Bye!